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Twitpic Of One Direction-er Harry Styles' Bare Bum Goes Viral

If you're Harry Styles, arguably the most popular member of the biggest boy band in world, it probably comes as no surprise that a pic taken of your (alleged) bare butt as you pee into a bush is spreading like wild fire across the interwebs.

Hell, we're only surprised that it's taken this long!  Twitter user @JagChaggarTutis tweeted the One Direction member's picture back in November, but we're guessing the 1D fans just picked up on it.

We may be partial to the bum Niall was showing off during his cheeky tattoo segment on UK television's A League Of Their Own. Plus that one had video!

No complaints though!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


VERY nice butt:)

Just taking a piss and he takes his pants down to his knees....he's quite ready..

Yuk, he's taking a piss, what's erotic about that? Oh, wait, yeah... turn around little boy...

let me put my face inbetween them 2 cheeks,

I wonder if they have that in an adult size?

I thought this was a pic of his bum... But where's his bum? Lol I don't see any

He shows his butt everywhere practically. ahaha

​Harry is known to be the naked one of the group, he already spoke freely about it, saying that being naked gives him confidence.

There's, i think, others three pics of him showing the butt. One tweeted by Zayn, actually.

He has a nice bum, but Louis's waaaaaaaay better.

Yes, I'm a directioner... ahahaha

too bad we can't see the front, too!

rich butt gives it more points, but in reality he needs squatting

Nice butt!!!

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