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Raunchy Dream Water Ad Is Banned From Super Bowl (But Not Our Nightmares)

We're not sure we've ever heard of Dream Water before today--it's described as "the premium 0-calorie all-natural sleep and relaxation shot"--but this raunchy banned Super Bowl ad is certain to give us nightmares!

You'll get it after you watch. 

At the very least we've decided we won't be owning pets anytime soon.

The outtake at the end, however, may make up for our trauma.

Actually, we'll take the lifeguard and just call it even.  


(H/T: The Gaily Grind


Stupid and gross.  Pointless junk

I thought it was pretty funny! The only thing that grossed me out a bit, was when the cat looked up from under the covers. What was that stuff all over his whiskers??

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It's NOT funny. Grosses me out. I guess the straight guys would like it . 

That is so gross, not impressed.

Yea they sell them at Walmart and Family Dollar and various other locations. Cvs has em too. They work pretty well. Great if you're having difficulty sleeping. 

Yes it's funny, but yes it's too much for  a broad audience but in the end will probably be less objectionable than some of the other commercials that won't be banned.

they should have gotten a pretty girl. Yuck.

I dont care if it got banned....its freakin funny as hell!! will get more attention from the controversy. Gotta love great marketing!!

Too much everything. 

Maybe it was banned because it was amateurishly done. 

Gross but funny as hell

Aaaaand we're not naming the beautiful actors because... why? That'd be too much "journalism?"

Too much pussycat 

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