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Dachshund Helps Gay Man Come Out In Adorable Video

If you didn't think coming out videos could get any sweeter, along comes YouTuber Ivan Cruz who is lent a helping paw from his dachshund Thor to come out to the world. 

Ivan writes at YouTube:

I never imagined the day I'd come out. For a long time, I lived in the same fear that many others currently live in. With the help of my best-four-legged-friend, Thor, I decided to make this video and share my coming out story. A big thanks to all the brave people on here who have taken the time to share their own coming out stories and that have inspired me to do the same. 

This is my story. Enjoy.





This is so sweet,  lovely,  sincere & touching!! Thank You! 

This is so sweet. Thank you for sharing your story!!! Sending everyone out there struggling hugs and kisses from me and my big goofy boxer!!!! I'm gay and God loves me!!!!

Beautiful story but very disappointing that you used a "pit bull" as the protagonist.  If the goal of this video is to fight discrimination, you have helped those that are bullied, ridiculed and outcast because of their sexual orientation but you have fed the unfair negative stereotype of another group of beings that are routinely discriminated against, pit bulls.  You are clearly a dog lover so I encourage you to learn more about pit bulls and the social and legal discrimination they face.  Just like you, they deserve to be judged as individuals.  Visit to learn more.

Yes, agreed. I was LOVING this video...then pit bull as bully. 

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First of all Dylan you dickless wonder, your words repulse me, you need your head examined for the mindless comments your laid out here, like old as the damn hills what you just said. These guys are more of a man then you ever wished you were. Listen I love their style and creativity and love both of them in general. I have a 6 foot 8 father of a gay man who would love more to have this conversation with you, think you would be standing after this.I cant help to talk to devil boy, Dylan go to hell and take the flint with you and your hill jack kind. Sorry to the rest of the world that I have been lowered to talk to this one, but you take up the air that I breathe, so if it weren't for spaces like this one, you'd have not have a space. 

Beautiful coming out story. So touching. Best wishes for the future!

Thank you

You just made a 60-year old gay man cry. Thanks for putting everything in perspective.

Beautiful! Don't listen to others .God made us all exactly the way he wanted and if some think there are better should examine their soul . You are loved and will be loved and your dog is a message to humanity . Love love love . That is the answer. Thank you for sharing 

Simply brilliant,and fantastic xxxxx

First of all, I am not gay, but I have had a lot of friends who are gay.  Do you know what?  It's okay to be gay.  It is what brings happiness.  I wish everyone in the world could see the unconditional love of a dog and a mother, it is an awesome thing to understand.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad Ivan has a friend like you, Thor. Best wishes for you both.


"If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense."

The bible also says "let he who iswithout sin, cast the first stone" Dylan, the hatred you harbor is unrealistic, unneeded and does more harm to yourself then to any gay man, woman or child. Why would you harbor this poison? Your a snake and a feeble mind and soul. Your god would be sickened to see you stand befor the gates of heaven while asking for entry to the wonders within. However if you could find it inside yourself, to let go of this sad hatred, you may live a happy life. But unroll then, don't breed. We don't need ignorant sociopaths to be created by the tainted heart inside your chest.


You are clearly biblically illiterate. Try reading the *entire* bible rather than selectively quoting what others have told you is in it. It's not that hard, it's a single book.
But then again, you might find out that you and probably your entire set of loved ones are all bound for hell. 

If you do actually put in the effort to read Gods book, you're not only going to be shocked, but you may also find a path to redemption. 

Good luck.


Dylan, I didn't know the devil allowed computers in hell? It doesn't seem so ironic that you share your name with a cowardly assassin of innocent young lives and then don't stick around to face the music.... 

Funny how you are on a gay site.

Talk about someone in total denial.

I feel sorry for people like you.  Actually, I dont.  I feel sorry for your family and children to have be around such a closeminded asshole.

Does girl-on-girl action get you off? 

I love it.  So you gonna hate your way into "heaven"?

Thank you Dylan for taking time out of your small world to comment on this clip,however,and I think I may speak for most here,please keep your small minded comments to your self

WOW.......Ivan this was one of the best stories i have seen and you brought me to tears. I had a hard coming out at first my family did not want ant thing to do with me, but they saw that i was still living life and having fun. I just prayed to god that some day they would understand and just love me. And one day my mother cam to me and said no matter what i was her son and she would all ways  love me. And that was all i needed.

That was so sweet, it got me all choked up. I'm glad you have a friend like Thor. I wish you both many days of happiness. Thanks for sharing

Very sweet, I just wish you hadn't portrayed a pitbull as the mean/gossiping dog.  They always take the bad wrap for everything when they are very sweet, tolerant dogs who love unconditionally and fiercely and are super loyal.  I have many gay friends with loving pitbulls, Dobermans, Rottweillers, and more.

Wow - an amazing, wonderful coming-out story.  Brought tears to my eyes.  A good video to watch for family members, friends etc of those who are or have come-out.  Thank you.

Best to you.  thank you for sharing. 

I love your coming out story thanks for sharing and God bless you both.

I just want to hug you both!!!

too long

This will go viral. Thanks for making. I have not cried like this in a loooong time lol

It takes a lot to make me cry, but this brought me to tears. I am so happy that Ivan found a special way to come out. It was tasteful and classy and deeply moving.

Heartfelt beauty, proud of you both. Keep that amazing smile and let true happiness guide you in life. Big hugs to your mom for showing you the true meaning of unconditional love. Does she need a son in law? Happy 2014

I think you are both awesome!

Big hugs!

I wish all stories could be told like this! 

That was absolutely beautiful and you're a very lucky guy to have family that loves you unconditionally. You are an inspiration to all.

In letting go of something so personal like this, one gains so much more in doing so! Ivan your a remarkable young man with a very bright future ahead....Keep your chin high, and as your best friend does wag your tail with pride! My wishes are for a joyous heart, health and prosperity to you always!  Many thanks for sharing your story in such a clever and joyful way!  

I love it thank you so much for sharing it. Wished I was there to let both of you know it is OK.  Hug to both of you


One person you KNOW you won't lose by coming out is your dog.  They know the meaning of 'unconditional.

So cute!!  lvu u guys!!!!!

That was wonderful.

In tears, but happy tears.

You are a inspiration!

Wow! It's the unconditional love between and human (best friend) and his pet (best friend), which keeps me hopeful that maybe one day I can find that kind of love human to human. Thank you for a heart warming story Ivan, you are truly special.


That is soooooo special

This made me cry

Oh my God!  I love you both more than treats!  :)

Amazing story of coming out and thank you Jonathan :) made my day.

I can only imagine the amount of youtube searching Jonathan Higbee does ha !

Thanks for constantly showing us beautiful ways to inhibit those who don't understand or accept us ! 

That was just beautiful! I cried, i cried a lot!

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