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Instinct's Guide To The Hottest Guys Of Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks Vs. Broncos

While everyone else has been out shopping for chilli ingredients and beer, we've been slaving away, sifting through the full rosters of the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos in search of our very own off-field MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII. Why do we toil over such a burdensome task of scouring the web for sexy images of world-class athletes? It's the Lord's work, really, and we're happy to give up our precious time to cross-reference Google Images and so that even one of you might be able to confidently answer "who's your favorite player?" at a Super Bowl party on Sunday. 

So, let's give it a practice run, Instincters. Who's your Super Bowl XLVIII MVP?

Will it be one of these Seattle Seahawks?

Or a Denver Bronco?


Doug Baldwin is hands down the hottest man in the Super Bowl. 

Always and forever, Eric Decker.  That man is so totally freaking HOT!

Ummm. Russell Wilson. That is all. Game over.

Matt Prater yum yum! 

Eric Decker, definitely.

Eric Decker gets my vote!

Eric Decker with a nekkid Russell Wilson in tow carrying his Super Bowl ring.

I should have stated "with a nekkid Russel Wilson in tow carrying Eric Decker's Super Bowl ring."  This is what I get: Russell did carry his Super Bowl ring.

Eric Decker from the Denver Broncos!! Yummy!! :-)~


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