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The Vatican's Hottest REAL Priests Are On Display In 2014 'Roman Priest Calendar'

While photographer Piero Pazzi's "Roman Priest Calendar" isn't serving up the salaciousness of the Orthodox Priest calendar, it does have one thing going for it:

Pazzi assures us his priests are real!

And they are GORGEOUS. So what's got these sexy holy men stepping in front of Pazzi's lens?

According to The Local:

But the Venice-based photographer behind the calendar, Piero Pazzi, insists the portraits are purely intended to promote the Eternal City and inform visitors about the Vatican.

They are all genuine priests, usually snapped in Rome during Holy Week, he tells The Local. He also travels to Seville to capture clergymen during the Spanish city’s Holy Week procession.

“I meet most of them on the streets in Rome and ask to take their photos,” he says.

The priests do not supply their name but “most are happy to be photographed after I tell them the reason for the calendar,” adds Pazzi, who launched the calendar in 2003.

“I do the same in Seville. Yes, the men are good-looking, but it is just a product, a way for people to be better informed about the Vatican.”

Inform us, Pazzi!! Keep us informed all day, every day!!

You can order the calendar here, or if you happen to conveniently be strolling by the Vatican, drop off 10 Euros to one of the vendors and be on your merry way!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Masturbation is a safe and healthy outlet for men.

In Revelation chapter 17 the description there of a woman seating upon a beast was a prophecy concerning the catholic church, which is being called a "whore" because it prostituted the truth of the bible in many ways. If someone thinks he or she will be  saved at the end by belonging to the catholic church, he or she is completely lost. One terrible prostitution of bible truth was the daring of catholicism when it took the Ten Commandments and modified them. Read Exodus chapter 20th, and then go to the catechism to see how catholics played around   with the commandments written by God's own fingers and changed them. Then the church leaders tell people to follow what they say. In Revelation's last chapter it is said that if anyone modified what was written in the book they would not have a place in heaven.

Though the standards are difficult to live up to, and the rules of priesthood do provide 'safe havens' for pedophiles and homosexuals, there is purpose to celibacy in the priesthood. Those men who can live up to the ideal carry themselves with a different dignity, a pure heart, and a true devotion to God.

These men aren't necessarily gay or insecure for having taken holy orders; it's hard for people of no faith to understand how God calls some men and women for a higher purpose. They are conduits for the word and presence of God.

So shut the fuck up.

Jeremy speaks of a "true devotion to God" for some, yet  tells his fellowmen to "Shut the F... up if they have a different opinion. What a great christian he is! No one can be devoted to God if he does not love and respect his fellow humans.

The biggest problem when it comes to sex and sexuality is that people made it "tabu" and some even think of it as sinful. God made everyone a sexual being, first to multiply and then with the help of the brain He gave us, to make us feel pleasure and also to create the need to put two human beings together to share that blessing. For gays the only true feelings and enjoyment comes by two people of the same gender together, and for heterosexuals two people of the opposit gender as we all see and know. To demand and expect gay people and priests to act otherwise is naive and would deprive them of  true sexual joy. Relationships are created when people unite in the right combination. There is no harm to anyone, much less to families of heterosexual couples.  Priests, by  a rule created by other humans, are told to avoid all these blessings and are deprived by doing so of their true humanity. I'm sure young priests wake up with an erection like all men do and they are told to remember to ignore it. How is that possible? Something is completely wrong and missing here.

It's funny. You speak as if the priests are forced to obey strict sexual orders. They chose to fulfill the role of priesthood. They chose willingly to give up their sexual nature and remain celibate.

Nobody forced them to do anything.

I'm DEFINITELY going back to church!!! 

I surely think that the reason many young guys like the ones depicted here become priests, is because they are gay and in doing that they can hide from family friends and society. They have not accepted themselvs as they are, and that causes a lot of confusion for all involved. There is a lot of fear going around and shame when someone is found to be gay, more yet if a guy is just another guy with masculine features. A gay man of the masculine type can feel insecure if he comes out of the closet, fearing rejection. That person could be a member of your own family. There is no religious upringing that can change that possibility. A gay person can come from any type of a family since it's not a choice anyone could make.

We now know that many of those priests, young and old, used the priesthood to hide their pedophile intents, and others their homosexuality under the cover of a black robe. No where in the bible it is taught that men should be alone, and it actually says that God saw that man should not be alone and gave him a companion. The catholic church in its many traditions and concepts has stepped on the bible in so many ways that a book could be written about all their wrongs. All that being said, men were made sexual beings and this old rule of priests not been able to marry and have a wife or a companion, is a catholic made rule. Even the disciples of Jesus were all   married, therefore where did such a rule come from? According to the bible if one lusts in his heart or thinks sexually towards another human being, he already sinned. I'm sure that most priests who do not have sex with anyone get satisfied by practicing masturbation. That has to be the fact. Just  to be  associated in close quarters with other man is what makes so many healthy, strong young men to go into the priesthood, and then things happen.  Let's not be fooled!

Or the reason men go into the priesthood is so they can better serve God. They are not alone; their spouse is the Church. Yeah, I bet some masturbate occasionally, but they probably feel immensely guilty afterwards and confess their sins. 

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Give it up guys!

These priests are only interested in the type of 10 year old boi ass that will rip the skin right off their cocks.

dili tanang gwapo laki.

naay ibang gwapo may dugong berde!

dili tanang gwapo laki.

That is true. This is double standard from the Vatican.

Priests should not play with sensuality or sexuality to entice others, not even themselves. That is the work of the flesh and according to the bible God doesn't like those things. The flesh has to die whereas the soul has to rule over the flesh.

Yesterday in my country this news was covered by a TV show and they interviewed a catholic priest who proudly smiled at this and encouraged people to by the calendars because they will be helping the church with that money spent on the calendars. Very proudly he smiled.

However, after this news another news was aired about heterosexual and same sex couples receiving help from the government to rent a house/apartment so that they can start their own independent life. The same priest was asked to speak about this and now he frowned upon the news and said that same sex couples will destroy family and other stuff. I was puzzled. I couldn't believed what I was watching and hearing from the same priest.

This is what is called double standard. The catholic church is not OK with people leaving their own life together without being married first, especially when they are a same-sex couple, but at the same time they are OK with their priests posing for a calendar which obviously has a sexual tone to it.

They certainly have strict and rigid rules for the world, but the have the softest ones for themselves.

Now I know why I've so many visits on my blog about this news I've published on the 27th of may!

Doesn't anybody see the double standard? The Catholic church condemns homosexuals and homosexuality as wrong and unnatural (there's nothing worn and unnatural about being homosexual), however, the Vatican doesn't hesitate to sell their priests on calendars clearly with the intention of enticing people sexually so that they buy it.

Catholic priests are not allowed not to perform these practices which their God doesn't approve of. It is immoral for priests to entice people sexually.

Double standard all the way.

I am homosexual  and catholic. And sorry, but as usual, many people say something without knowledge. Catholic Church doesnt condemn homosexual neither homosexuality. Read the catholic catechism before say something about the catholic church.  

The bible is rather unclear when it comes to sexual orientation in general. Regardless of that the catholic church opposes homosexuality and homosexuals. They keep saying it is unnatural hence homosexuals should not have the right to marry someone of the same sex or be given any rights that conflict with their religious beliefs. They mainly base this stand on Paul's passages and Leviticus if you haven't read them...

You are not supposed to take priests' words as the truth if you are religious, you are supposed to stick to what the bible says, not priests.

The bible also says the works of the flesh such as sensuality (which the calendar clearly uses as a mass attraction weapon) should die and priests are not allowed to purposely wake this kind of feelings on people, especially when they are supposed to bring "god's message" to people about spirituality. It is a double standard to preach about celibacy, chastity and sexual purity at the same time that these priests expose themselves on a calendar intended in a sexual way.

Read 1 Timothy 3:15. The Church is the pillar of Truth, not the bible. The bible is a book that contains the truth, but the Church is the living, breathing, complete Truth.

(Just a point about homosexuality and the bible... )

The bible, as according to the Roman Catholic Tradition, is not to be taken on a literal level; it is not a manual that says "do this, don't do that" that is to be taken word per word. It takes lessons and, for the clergy people themselves, special training to "interpret" the bible rightly and accordingly. This is the common mistake people have when it comes to 'quoting' from the bible; they fail to take into consideration the context of when the bible was written and the audience it was written for, among other things. I suggest attending some Theology classes to understand my point. Oh, and Philosophy classes might also do the trick. 

(Already, there are many Catholic Christians who have reconciled their homosexuality with their being Christian. Books have also been published with this subject matter--personal narratives as to how they were able to reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable tracks.)


Adding to University Girl's comment:

Here's a link to the exact wording of the Catechism with regards to homosexuality. Note its reference to tolerant treatment - "Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided" (2358). It also refers to the tradition conception of homosexuality being against natural law, so not necessarily dogma, but that depends upon how you read that article - "Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity,141 tradition has always declared that 'homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered'" (2357). Objection appears to purely concerned with the absence of the - "the gift of life" (2357) - from their sexual relations. As such it is in line with heterosexual teachings on chastity, in terms of sex as an act of marital "mutual self-giving and human procreation in the context of true love" (2352).

TL;DR Catholics don't hat homosexuals, and the Church's teachings are of tolerance and chastity.


No matter how many times I proof read there's always something

Its cannon law so that the children of cardinals don't inherit a church or her entire wealth should they be connected to the pope

omGGGGGGG,for sure lots of gays and desperate girls would attend their mass regularly,

they are the perfect temptation!!!!! hahahaha 

I don't doubt that they are all priests but there is no mention of how old the photos are. I bought this calendar in Rome over 10 years ago and most of these guys were on it.

Them's some hot priestsssezzzz

just fuck off those pedophile priest and those new religion cattolic and islamic manipulated religion made to keep us slave and far from the real truth .

well said that's true well dont let other people know that beacause who knows people can manipulate everything by religion even business just look at the jews

my God..... your words so bad daniele.... God, please forgive this stupid devil .... -_-

and you really think they are priests ...hahahahah 

I just saw this today: this is May`15,2014 and YES they are both Roman Catholic priest`s. I know that without a shadow of a doubt..

It just saddens me to read this article , look at the pictures and read the sarcastic , mocking , disrespectful comments. I was raised catholic and as I grew up , my trust in the priests disappeared bc if all the pedi file accusations world wide. Let me reassure you, my FAITH in Jesus Christ never vanished . I keep reading the bible , while attending mass every Sunday for the past 5 months. My relationship with God has gone up to another level. I live in Chicago and the church I attend with my clients, has 2 new young priests who are handsome. Let me assure you, they're love for the church is genuine . I can read it on their eyes and face . It's a vocation . Now, as for these models , I'm not so sure bc I dnt attend the church they service . I dnt hear them speak of God . If these model priests are mocking the Catholic Church , they're mocking God. Another thing I want to clarify , I don't go to that church bc of the new priests. They sometimes service different times, I take my clients every Sunday at 6:30 pm after our diner at the CILA . I work for  people with intellectual disabilities . My life has purpose being a positive influence and doing good to people. My faith in Jesus is stronger bc I was reborn. I admit, attending mass every Sunday has done me good bc I take in seriously every positive advise and bible verse . I shake the hands of the people around me make eye contact and give my sincere , "peace be with You" , or I say "la Paz ". I notice most people never make eye contact when shaking hands as if they're not sincere, they just do it bc it's routine during mass? Anyway, to end my opinion positively, here's a bible verse , "The Lord does not  look at the things people look at, The Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

To the catholic person taking care of special people..... You said "They're love for the church is genuine" it should be "their". They're is the same as they are, just abbreviated.  "Their" means, their, belongig to someone else and not to me, not mine. And then there is  "there" as in over there, not here. So many Americans mix these three different expressions.

I said "belongig" it was a typo meaning to say and write "belonging"

We all are sons of one God. It is sad knowing that some people nowadays are not able to separate the three parts of a human being: Mind, body and spirit. As humans, we have not only the chance but the responsibility to escalate all three parts of a complete human person. If we don't do our effort, we will be part of the destructive masses. 

Wonderful comments. God Bless you! Aloha!!!!!!

Wonderful comments. God Bless you! Aloha!!!!!!

Goodness Jesus! <3.<3

tudo viado.. rsss

I'm sorry to say that these guys aren't real priests.  I live in Rome and know some of them are waiters and some are models.  

No you don't.  You don't live in Rome and you don't know these men.  You're a sad, pathetic attention queen trying to corrupt a nice gesture to raise awareness.  So sad.  You have my pity. 

Trust me they are not real priests let show in the photo the priest id which every real priest should carry with him

You're sick.  

the devil in disguise  aren't they? lol for sure u will not sleep at the mass 

......boy band priests....

 Brother's Act vs. One Direction

That first one needs to be whipped by this throbber! in Oh My God... so hot... i need to confess my sins..LOL

Please, please I beg of thee to confess my so many sins to each and every one of you! 

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That comment was just brilliant!

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You made me laugh so hard!!! More like bwa hahahaha!

i bet most of them are GAY anyways so why bother?

a) I don't see why you're using gays as a derogatory term, and

b) it's not like we're going to screw them or plan to have kids with them, they're just basically eye candy

wont even use this f calendar to wipe down my dog's asshole 

why don't you wipe yours my friend ??? 

Lord Y U DO DIS? Haha kidding love you xD but seriously?! What's left for us?! :)))))))))

Are the calendar pages guaranteed to be glossy non-stick?

no... you have to laminate them yourself

wait... hold on one fucking minute.

The Vatican released a calendar that more or less - sexualizes the clergy - and then screams at people about getting horny?

Fuck this shit. I quit the species.  You're all a bunch of fucking morons.

except you're the moron, the vatican didn't release this. this is a photographer isn't affiliated with the church, just snapped these guys.

i pray you are blessed with literacy AMEN

But the Vatican DOES sell these calendars inside the Vatican museum.  They were on sale there when we toured the museum in January.

Sex really is in the eye of the beholder.

Sexualizes?  Are you goofy?  This is about beauty and people.  Relax or you'll be the one looking like a moron and you don't want that.

Just because ur a priest ur not suppose to be a good looking man, like our Creator, we r all beautiful because our Creator was wonderful, its even beautiful behind description.

I think it's the uniforms and not their faces that make them hot.

Do you know, I couldn't care less who believes what - I believe in an "each to their own" approach and to let that be an end to it. I choose to respect that everyone has their own religious standpoint, their own opinions and their own journeys to take through life. Just because they differ from mine, doesn't make them wrong. I am neither a follower of faith nor an atheist; I am however very deeply spiritual and have chosen to walk my own path and would like to voice a thought on this subject (not everyone will agree, and that's quite alright). While I agree that it's maybe not appropriate for these priests to be labeled as "hot" or "sexy", it was not my decision to make as to whether or not they were a part of this calendar project. I think they willingly participated and were probably well aware of the reactions that they would invoke. But I also think that some of the comments I have read thus far are downright disrespectful - some of the language would make your toes curl in shame. So what if the wrapping outside the soul is pretty? It's what is inside that counts. It just so happens that these men have an awful lot going for them - nice inside and out? Now THAT's the real attraction. I respect their choices - and personally, I thought it was refreshing to see younger men devoted to their faith.

You are a very astute individual.  Thank you for your eloquence here.

You must be ugly. 

Sounds like you're the one who's ugly.

Wheeewww! Seriously? Whitwhewww.

What the fuck!!!!!! calling these blessed people hot? it is just so disrespectful lol.......  why not fucking choose an appropriate word/s for the title before posting this shit.. HOT???   Fuck.... It's like you're saying these priests are open for sexxxxxxx.... grrrr/////... just don't like the word.

This is about beauty and people.  Relax.  Should we pretend they are not beautiful to the point of arousing?  Would that make you happy?  Should we ignore their appeal as human beings?  We, like they, are sexual human spiritual beings.  The church isn't promoting a hot sexy calendar.  They're simply saying, the beautiful men happen to be priests...could this be you?  Christ on a bike, I wish everyone would just chill out.

Hmm how 'bout f*ck?

The article said roman ORTHODOX priests these are not roman catholic priests. 

No. It said Hottest VATICAN priests so they are Catholic. It also happened to link to the Roman Orthodox Priest Calendar.

Granted it could have been made more clear, but I think you'll find you're incorrect.

Being that attractive and being celibate should be a sin

I agree!!! Share your blessings people!

Father, forgive me for I have sinned. One of my sins is having a crush on you. 

Forgive me father for I WILL sin! 

I will switch to being a Catholic now!

I like them a lot!!!

now I dont mind catholics if sre at touchers, I would not mind to be abused by any of them

So what now ??? .. Good looking single men where are thou ??? If not taken, they are gays or better yet they are now .. full pledged PRIESTS? Total HOPELESSNESS !!! Huhuhuhu

I'm single and good looking, and I'm still not dating you.

One thing I can't stand is conceit, looks are unimportant and who do you think you are, I wouldn't have you thrown at me if you were the last man on earth, and I know a GORGEOUS man anyway, so who would want you or any of these cheap priests.............not me.

Cheap priests? And you can't stand conceit.. Huh. smh

they aint even looking like a good guy hahaha

To be priest and to be good looking are indeed God's gift. Not all priests are gifted with such. Whether they are good looking or not doesn't matter; what really matter is that they are God's loving instruments of his love and grace to us. It's a creative idea to have special calendar for them... but why not inlcude the not-so-good-looking among them :)

When they do calendars of women, they only pick the best looking. So why shouldn't they just pick the best looking men.

They are the best inspiration of my faith!  Next to God, of course. :)

Good for them. they exist

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Beautiful men,  Priest or not , but a Calendar of hot Priest ? A bit contradicting to promoting silabacy in the Priesthood, don't you think?


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