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Zac Efron's Full 'That Awkward Moment' Nude Scene Leaks

Zac Efron's full nude scene from That Awkward Moment has leaked!  Happy Friday, Instincters!

The leak comes courtesy of MTV. Enjoy!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


wow  could see more of that

When every other part of him is that nice, does it even matter what's hiding under the seat?

i walked out of this movie and asked for my money back and got it...i will spend it on American Hustle or Gravity...this fucking sucked.

In no way does it say you will be seeing his junk. He is still fully nude. Nude means no clothing on. Tired ass queens. 

why are you shocked do none of you remember the lucky one 

that awkward moment was such a good much! i loved it! :) <3

Full frontal????? Really?!?!?! Disappointed ;-) 

doesnt say full frontal just full nude.  too bad they shaved him down

Is this Efron's coming out movie?

full frontal...not...lame

Thought I was gonna see some cock


Me Tooo :-(

Nice! Friday´s wanking material

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