Viagra Inventor Creates Spray To Combat Premature Ejaculation

One man who cares more about guy's nether regions than we do is back to change the world of sex for a second time. Dr. Mike Wyllie, one of the team members responsible for Viagra, has returned with a new product to help men in the bedroom: Tempe Spray.

The product, which is expected to hit the market in 2014, is a spray-on that's applied up to 2-hours ahead of sex to make a man last up to five times longer. It's efficacy is contributed to the use of two anesthetic that begin working within five minutes of spraying to provide a man with more control of his orgasm. Side effects have included reports of a burning sensation and headaches, but the spray has passed the safety inspection of the European Medicines Agency and will be available by prescription by next year. No word on testing in the U.S. yet. 

Critics worry that Tempe Spray will only act as a band-aid for the symptom of premature ejaculation, allowing men (and their partners) to overlook the stress, anxiety and relationship issues that could be the root of the issue. 

Still, Dr. Wyllie is optimistic about his spray. "I feel this could save relationships."

What do you think, Instincters? Could this be a relationship saver or might this only cause more issues in the long term for couples?

(Via Daily Mail)




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