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Primal Instinct: Ryan Gosling Strips Down In Deleted Jail Scene!

In what world would you EVER delete a Ryan Gosling strip scene from your movie?

That's just poor planning and execution. Check out this deleted prison strip scene from The Place Beyond The Pines!  

We're not huge fans of prison tats, but we'll take what we can get!


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The word 'faggot' is yelled out about 3-4 times in this scene. For that reason alone I'm glad the scene was cut. But beyond that, it adds nothing to the story so it makes sense it was removed. Why would you make such a big deal about a scene that has a derogatory gay term used so frequently?

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Dear Instinct Magazine ,

Posts like this are why gay media is NOT respected, and REAL writers like myself are having no choice but to distance themselves from it.

A blond White guy strips down to his underwear, and your shallow selves make a big deal about it. Meanwhile, there is ageism, racism, and sexism within the gay community tearing it apart from within. But it's too much like right, or more so HUMANE for you to address those issues. So you insist on going the cowardly route, and do post after post of escapism.

Thanks for NOTHING!

You sure you're not the one being distanced? Lighten up.

Hey LeNair,

Your post is an example of a REAL writer??  Give me a break!  Thanks for less than nothing.

i saw the movie and it was two and a half hours long and is my fav film this makes sense for editing sake that this was deleted even if it is eye candy because the scene is not at all relevant to the plot.  So be it. by the way I went to see if because of Gosling but Cooper steals it.

i cant figure it out

I don't understand why this is even considered wrong.  He only goes down to boxers.

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