Matthew Mitcham Speaks Out On Olympic Russian Controversy

For the first time, out Aussie Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham has spoken about the upcoming Winter Olympics held in hostile, anti-gay Russia. 

He takes a rather different approach than fellow out Olympian Johnny Weir. 

In an interview with Telegraph, Matthew isn't afraid to wag his finger at the IOC and host country, "The way they are persecuting people in Russia is quite horrific," he said. "The Olympics is the best experience you will ever have as an athlete. Their whole memory and experience is going to be marred by this stuff. They are going to be made to feel unacceptable, inappropriate, and it is a really awful, awful feeling. The Olympics are supposed to be somewhere where they can go to be relieved of that feeling. A place where you can compete and feel that gender and sexuality is not an issue."



I don't think gay men and women should boycott the Olympics. For me if a lesbian or gay man were to medal big in an event at Sochi, it would be like Jesse Owens taking the gold medal podium at Berlin in front of Adolph Hitler. What better way and what an iconic moment it would be, to show all the homophobes out there we're here and we aren't going anywhere.

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