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'American Horror Story: Coven' Scares Up Best Finale Ratings Ever

Considering American Horror Story: Coven's season finale was the equivalent of the gay Super Bowl and was the only thing anyone was talking about, news that the finale smashed viewing records for the series came as no surprise!

TVLine reports:

Wednesday’s finale drew 4.2 million total viewers (more than half of ‘em age 18-49), making it the most-watched closer in AHS history.

Overall, Coven‘s season average stands at roughly 4 million viewers  — easily outpacing Asylum‘s 2.5 million and Murder House‘s 2.9 million.

The highest rated episode of the entire franchise remains the Coven premiere, which opened in October with 5.54 million viewers. 

It's safe to say we like our bewitching divas!

As for the finale, itself--what did you think of the wrap up?

Were you right about who would become the Supreme?? Thoughts on any of the finale's deaths??


SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!!  You were warned.

I have questions:

1. What happened to the black baby?

2. Why didn't Madison, with all that power, better defend herself from Kyle. 

3. Do any witches go to heaven?  Madison had mentioned earlier in the season that there was nothing in the after life but then for the 7 wonders test they have to go to hell for a hot minute.  What gives? If Fiona had no soul then how does she end up in hell?

4. If Fiona's powers were draining because a new supreme was emerging then why didn't Cordelia notice anything until the end?  She was such a little puss the whole season.  And, wasn't she too old to be supreme?

Other than that I totally loved every second of this season.  LOL.

Weird: Asylum was the lowest one... but really my favorite! Ryan Murphy is a genius... I love this season btw. Good finale!



It was a great finale loved it. This season was much better than the second (awful) but not as good as the first. Enjoyed the happy ending.

I LOVED this episode!!! I thought QUEENIE ,Gaboure S... Was going to be the next supreme.....but that line that was said to Cordilia from Myrtle.....why dear have royal Blood!!!! It kept me on MY seat .....I'm excited to see what American Horror Story brings!!! Can't Wait!!

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