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Mormon Propaganda Video Declares War On Masturbation

A video briefly uploaded to YouTube by Brigham Young University - Idaho (before being taken down) will live forever on the Internet, comparing guys who masturbate to wounded soldiers who need help from authorities for the rest of eternity. 

“The temptations of the great war are many, the battles are real, and the enemy is clever," a voiceover in the video reads. "The enemy is cruel, ruthless, and relentless. We must not underestimate the danger. We must be vigilant and valiant."

BYU Idaho President Kim B. Clark goes on to instruct students who catch their friends masturbating red-handed (pun intended) to tell anyone who will listen about their friend's "problem." "If you need to," Clark says in the video, "talk to your bishop, tell someone who can do something that you have a friend in trouble.”



Our men get in touch with their bodies and bond with other men in  a healthy way at our group. ;

omf at the end the two dudes exchanged this glance that was like "whoa we secretly have madd buttsex since we can't watch porn"

Big Brother is alive and flourishing in the world of mormoms. This is just sick misinterpretation of a religion that directly hurts people...on purpose...control, control, control

he must not be watching very good stuff if he looks that sad all the time...

It's amazing what a cult will do to keep it's members brainwashed. This video is another example of their control.

If God made man in his own image, part of that image includes masturbation.  The human Jesus probably engaged in the practice much to the horror of these sexually repressed and frightened leaders of the most aberrant, fascistic bastardization of Christianity.  Plural marriage fine and dandy even today amongst many of Charlatan Smith's believers.  Even a guy with a hundred wives still finds the time to pinch his nipples and shoot a load of jizz yelling, "dear God...shit!! In a quiet corner.

Life is such an  confusing  mess,.And no matter how U  try to figure it out , It  comes at U  even  more so with other  confusing  problems. Its  one  take  of one religion , then another  religion  come along and  says another take , then  another one  and another one,  Until its  all  one gigantic  Mess and  Pow it all goes off like a  ticking time bomb inside Your  brain.   So  thats why  there is so much con fusion  and so much  miss understanding  in life.  Life is cruel in  reality.  So  we cannot  take  and  use  one thing against one another.  Because there are so many things in the world that are bad for us,  bad for our health mind and souls. But  are We any different from any one else.Are we all flaw less and perfect no were not.  If we lived in a perfect world then  there wouldn't  be any room for error which would  cause  more harm than good.  Because  making errors in life  helps  us grow and realize that  we can  learn from them and by them.

I think we all know those two guys were ready to get it on with each other. 

Studies have proven that pornography and masturbation, lead to serious crimes. Prisons are full of men who raped, committed awful sexual crimes towards children, and even murdered, and a large percent of them have a history of porn addiction. So a religion has taken a stand, A religion is helping young men get over a demoralizing and desensitizing habit. I say cudos to the Mormons, an ps they do fight poverty, they have the largest humanitarian aid center tin the world 

HAHAHAHA That's funny as fuck, seriously, you're crazy 

...wait, so why are you on commenting on an anti-masturbation video, again? Based on your comment, I think you're in the wrong section, buddy.

I Jack every day I see no harm in it self release. And sometimes two to three times adage love it. Its mine so why can't I play

Damn it Daniel, if you keep touching it, there wont be anything left for us to play with. No body wants a guy who shoots nothing...... just saying.

Always have enough

The way those two guys look into each others' eyes and smile at the know they aren't going to wank off anymore...because they are going to go get it on!

The Main Character is hot as fuck.

Does lance black know about this sickening video? He would not approve!

Yes Talk to your bishop....learn new techniques on how to wank off. Learn about lube, spit and just plain dry handing it. Become ambidextrous and use both hands. You too can become a stronger person for it. Don't fight it....make love to your self.  Now that their message has been put out there. I bet they each went home and whacked off to a good gay porn with a 6 pack of beer.

So what does a young man hormones has to do with being a wounded soldier being left on the battle field? Why is it their concern what I do in my privacy, even if I'm caught "red" handed?

This is a real problem for many people. They become ashamed of their bodies and desires. I grew up in the church and led multiple lives for many years until I finally was able to break away and come out. Coming out and being honest about what I want in life has made such a huge difference in my life. These videos are harmful. They make people feel bad about their behavior and whom they are. I'm glad I can see this video for what it is: propaganda. As a side note, the guys in this video are way hot! ;-)

Why aren't institutions like this just as concerned with poverty?

I grew up Mormon and this is standard fare. Being out and away for the past few years makes it seem shocking and ridiculous, but I'm not surprised. Masturbation is a great evil to them and Mormon's love morally policing each other and everyone else. 

And yes, it is a bit homoerotic! 

Does talking slow indicate some deep intellectual standing or simply inbreeding?

was it just me or is this vid erotic. Love a guy in uniform and uses a couple of great looking guys. enjoyed it so much... twice....

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