News Anchor Leads Gay Pride Story With "I Pledge Allegiance To The Fag"

A St. Paul, Minnesota news anchor made a cringe-worthy slip-up while leading into a story about the area's Gay Pride events. "I pledge allegiance to the fag," accidentally said Bill Lunn. 

Freudian slip? 

Who knows. But Lunn's laughing about his misstep on Twitter. 

"Haha... unfortunate slip of the tongue. Getting razzed at work a bit," Lunn tweeted after the segment. "4 years and they couldn't get me on the KSTP blooper reel. I guess they've got me now."



(h/t: Towleroad)



It was intentional.  The segue didn't even make sense.  He just wanted to show his disdain of gay people.

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