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Lady Gaga Responds To Arrest Threats By Anti-Gay Russian Government

Well Mother Monster isn't wasting any time! 

Lady Gaga swiftly responded to threats by the Russian government to arrest her and Madonna over "visa discrepancies" (read: their defiance of Russia's anti-LGBT propaganda laws). 

Lady Gaga tweeted:

Apparently Gaga isn't exactly shaking in her boots. What will Madonna have to say?? (Isn't it kind of nice to see these two on the same side for once??)


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as  much as i love gaga but if she has sometime to say don't wait till you have released a shit song that needs promoting and need to get in the headlines 

So proud! I love to see people doing something, really doing something for others.

Lady Gaga is not just a Lady; she is one tough Lady, and I love her for it!

Fuck Putin, and fuck the Russian parliament.  They all screw around in banya anyway when they have the chance.

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