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New Lady Gaga Track, "Aura," Leaks

Little Monsters around the world have been clamoring for something new from Lady Gaga after having to endure two years without sustenance. Lucky for them, "Aura," the first taste of music from Mother Monster's upcoming ARTPOP album, leaked online last night. 

Hopefully it's still in rough demo form. There are a few diamonds in the new track, but they're buried under so much rubbish that it comes off as more a junkyard than a jewelry store. Perhaps, if this is not already the final version, the official ARTPOP track will shine a bit more brightly. 

Gaga also released a new image on Twitter last night, posted above. 


I am very interested in, hope to learn more.

Those shoes are everything~

Be quiet children. The song is great, as usual, AND as usual, a bunch of morons are spouting vitriolic hate and ignorance every time they hear Gaga. It always amazes me how the people who hate her have got to run to anything she always does in order to spout crap in order to bring her down and make sure of it. Do us all a favor, run to the bathroom and take your enema. You desperately need it.

Here is the Full HD version

Nope. They both suck. Nobody rules. Game over!

All over the place, as usual.

Gaga sucks. Madonna rules!

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