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Primal Instinct: Thomas Knights' New Pro-Ginger Exhibit Is 'Red Hot'! (Video)

It looks like we may have to take a trip across the pond! 

Photographer Thomas Knights is taking anti-ginger discrimination head on with his new photography and video exhibit "Red Hot" in London!

As described by Creative Boom: 

"A natural redhead himself, Knights has experienced personally the negative perceptions that come with being ginger, and, having no red-haired male public role models to persuade him otherwise, he grew up feeling ashamed of his red roots. With Red Hot, Thomas has devised a photography and video concept that re-defines the perceived image of the redheaded male. The men showcased here are masculine, chiselled, cool, and proud of the way that they look. These men will be the new icons for what will hopefully be a new positive rebranding of ‘the ginger’."

A celebration of red-haired male hotness? Sign us up!

"Red Hot" will take place at the Gallery in Redchurch Street beginning December 16.

Anybody got a flat for us to bunk in this December? 

We think all of Knights' models should be present and accounted for at this exhibit. In fact, we insist upon it. Oh, and maybe Prince Harry can make an appearance. Isn't this listed somewhere amongst his royal duties??


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regarding someone wondering if they are dyed,,,, just look at their eyebrows and eyelashes. Yep, they are truly redheads. Go Red! You are a fine bunch of men. :)

I know he's British and all but "ginger" is not the preferred nomenclature. I know I'm not alone when I say its offense to those of us with dark red hair. You know, hair that can in no way whatsoever be described as ginger-colored. The term itself is a huge part of the reason why redheads are portrayed so negatively in popular culture. Its a slur. People think it is socially acceptable and say it without understanding how it could be highly offensive to people less sensitive about their hair/complexion than myself. I appreciate the gesture but any positives are negated due to the continued proliferation of such an insensitive word. 

You must be young. it's only been a "slur" since the episode of South Park. It wasn't even widely used in the US till then. And in Britain, they don't really say "redhead" at all - ginger is the general descriptive word. You sound absurd.

What would you prefer ?

How is that possible?  I love those gingers!!!!  woof

Red head myself. Experienced lots of taunting and teasing growing up because of my hair color.  I love my hair color. It's part of what makes me, well me.   Glad to see an exhibition celebrating and positively portraying read heads! 

How could he possibly do an exhibition of HOT British Gingers and not include possibly the hottest British Ginger of them all - Kennedy Carter?

A Boomer here, never understood this Ginger prejudice? of late. If it means more images as in this article, bring it on!

Omg i wanna make myself some soup with all there undies

These Guys are Hot but only one had any hair on his chest. a guy who has no body hair should show their armpits or pubic hair just to prove they are real Gingers and not men who have dyed their hair Red

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