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Hottest Male Athletes Going For Gold At The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games! [NSFW]

Summer Olympians may think they have the corner on sex appeal, but by judging every inch of the guys competing this year in Sochi we're starting to think that summer might not be so hot.

With all the raucous controversy surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia, it's clear that a focus on and celebration of the elite athletes ready to compete for gold might be the only positivity to come out of this year's event; with that in mind, we certainly focused and celebrated all around the Internet this week to deliver the most comprehensive gallery of the gorgeous male Olympians in the competition. If you plan to watch Sochi's Olympics, use this as your cheat-sheet (we always root for who looks best in Lycra, don't you?); if you're one of the many who are boycotting the broadcast, our slideshow featuring 100+ pics (many NSFW) is the perfect substitution! 

So, which international male Olympians would you place on the podium?

Hottest Male Athletes Going For Gold At The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games!

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Very good blog, looking forward to sharing more.

That isn't Benjamin Cavet. It's his team mate, who didn't make the Olympics... Sacha Theocharis. He's an athlete too.

Ummm where is Blake Skjellerup on this list?! 

Ludvig Fjallstrom is hot!! I like those swedish guys mnn...

Shawn white is not hot!

Did you know the Canadian bobsledders' website has been blocked by Russia because it has been deemed gay propaganda?  How f****d up is that?  

Annoying as usual, everything is all about looking hot all the time. Get's old.

Sven Kramer and Mark Tuitert of the Netherlands should be in it !!

What? No Shaun White? What's wrong with you, people? Yes, he cut his glorious hair for Locks of Love but he's still HOT!

John Daly and his penis imprint for the win.

Canadian hockey player Jonathan Toews is not listed. Your list is invalid. 

I'd feel better if this list included Florent Amodio.

I want to Wank with Andreas from Germany!...

Their all young..... of course they still look HOT!  LOL

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