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Oklahoma Restaurant Won't Serve "F*ggots, N***ers, Muslims"

Gary’s Chicaros restaurant outside Oklahoma City is stuck in an atrocious era of tolerated xenophobia but will be dragged out into the 21st century thanks to an increasing number of complaints that has finally pierced the region's conscience. 

The abhorrently discriminatory practices of Gary James, who's owned the restaurant for nearly five decades, are the talk of the town after a man in a wheelchair was kicked out of the restaurant. Though James denies he kicked out and banned the customer because of his disability, his resulting interview makes his claim hard to believe. 

"I've been in business 44 years, I  think I can spot a freak or a faggot," James tells a KFOR reporter. "I really don't want gays around. Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything."

“Well if you work, you own a business, pay your taxes, you’re more than welcome here,” he adds. “If you’re on welfare, stay at home and spend my money, there. I don’t deal with these people walking down the street with no jobs on welfare.”

These business practices are certainly not even secret; Chicaros' official t-shirt includes multiple anti-gay derogatory remarks, as well as blatant racism. 

Check out the local news report below.



This is just stupid....but there is always gonna be some asshole

I need to go to his restaurant, let him know im gay, let him refuse me i can sue him in federal court for discrimination and then once I own his little place, I will burn it to the ground just because I could. People like this man are all over society... just cant remember the last time someone invited so much attention, I am sure I am not the only one keenly aware how easy it would be to get him to refuse service based off race, sex, disability, or sexual orientation all of which are against federal law. 

While I like your idea of suing for discrimination here's the problem.  Since we have no legal protection in the state of Oklahoma against discrimination due to sexual orientation we can't sue him on those grounds!  That's why it is so important to get ENDA passed into law nation wide.  Unfortunately John Boehner has it held hostage and won't allow it to come for a vote in the House.  The Senate has already voted and approved it.  So in the mean time this kind of injustice is perpetrated against us and there is nothing we can do about it except get someone else to sue him that already does have legal protection under the law.

Good, because we don't eat them!

Why is this Matt so upset now?  He didn't seem to have a problem when he wasn't on the 'outs.'  Because he is now being discriminated against, he's changing his views on discrimination.  Can't have it both ways sir.  

Why would anyone want to go there anyway.  Did you see the place?  Let the bigots congregate in their usual squalor.

I totally agree.  I hear that bigot food is really, really bad.

This man has every rite to feel and think how ever he would like, but he speaks not from his heart but from uneducated sour teaching from his parents and they way they thought... He is just uneducated in the matter of gays and blacks he was taught to think one way and one way only... So instead of trying to burn shit down and try to harm him, maybe we should try to educate him first... It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks but damn it it sure can be done!!!

Amen to that! Bigotry is rarely permanent.

Good for him. I surely wouldnt be allowed in his restaurant, but its his business & he should be allowed to operate it how he chooses. Some1 else will open a business and reap all the benefits of his ignorant basic business sense. Free market system. Frankly I thinking infringing on those rights is a heavier crime then certain man-made words, that can be quite subjective in there levels of maliciousness/hatred; from person to person. I say nigga all the time, almost majority of the time out of this "weird, compulsive ticks" corrisponding to mental health issues (like quite of few other words, PC ones). I dont use it to pass hatred. It hurts to suffer or cause others too, regardless if all assesments point to a real jerk. But I'm still quite flawed, an I dont mention such detail to justify myself. I dont need to, I do need to be honest tho & not worry any further about if my "word" is properly invested in.

     But as a gay/bi, queer man (whatever label I must have in our silly shallow society), I'm more outraged at the Time wasted & negativity spewed from everybody thats got something to say about this typical exploitation news segment (which is what most "News" collectively really is), this guy or his business.

Step outside ur righteous pose, look within, & maybe try and better urself a bit. Every1 wants to change the world for the better, right? Take 5% of the energy spent being hypocritical & unproductive and try to better ourselves some.

That would make far greater change then any of these "high horses"/collectives we all seem to jump on in unison. Even myself commenting here doesnt make me much better, but shit.... Cant more of us think outside the box a lil. U know?? Use logical deduction over short-sided ignorance. Sure this guys a "bigot" or whatever label he's been deemed, but ya'll are no better. Spitting hatred against hatred. Most of us are a bunch of selfish cunts in this country, just makes me feel sad inside. But even if just 1 person reads this & thinks a lil about, it was all worth.  Any1 welcome to debate/disagree w/ me, but plz try to at least have some intelligence behind ur reason. U know, U can ur shit, but at least have your story straight........  An let the ignorance & trolling begin.......      

It may be his business, but he is conducting it illegally. Discrimination against those different from us is against the law. Do you remember the young people sitting at a lunch counter that were refused service because they were black? It took six months, but peaceful protest changed segregation as policy. 

It's the law not to discriminate if you deal with the public. He is uneducated in the matters of the law. 

Hell, he's an f'n bigot. And the restaurant looks like a dump from the inside and outside. 

They must be really hard up in that town if he's been at it for all this time. 

Let's see.  Oklahoma proud Red state that sucks up more fereral money than it pays out.  Making gary and his regular customers moochers.  Oklahoma, where they wait for federal money to build tornado shelters for their kids in schools.  And if tornadoes strike before that, oh well, it was an act of God.  When those same tornadoes do yearly damage, these good citizens scream for FEMA and private contributions while their elected legislatore block funds to them.  I'll bet he didn't throw out the man in the wheelchair, he just invited him to build his own handicapped entrance to get into the greasy spoon.  Now he'll become a martyr because he'll be persecuted for his religions beliefs about not serving gays, the poor and the ill. On a positive note, gary loves immigrants.  His whole establishement is staffed with Latino waiters, cooks, busboys, cleaners.  Course they're not allowed to handle the money, only make $4/hr plus the occasional tip and they certainly can't EAT there or use the bathrooms.  Gary also hosts the local prayer breakfast where they pray for more guns, vaginal ultrasounds, cutting Food Stamps, prohibition of abortinos and birth control, layoffs for teachers, police, paramedics and firemen, Obama's impeachment and the repeal of the ACA.  Gary's restaurant also takes credit cards.  Visa only.  You know, Visa, sponsor of the Olympics of Hate in Sochi?   What a patriotic and right (extreme right) thinking "merican.

Then he won't darken the door of Habana, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

If he had no support in community where his restaurant operates he'd be out of business log time ago. But he has customers and his business is operating. That means, his customers are as bigotd as he is. 
This is America. Ugly America. 

oh please tell me that the people of that community dont share his views, there has to be other places to eat other than at a persons place of business that is openly discriminatory.  it was hard to listen to this video, as I am amazed there is someone on this earth that has that simple of a mindset.......and obviously hasnt watched tv, read a book, watched the news, conversed with intelligent people of travel, or anything remotely 2014 in a long long time.  I hope his business fails, and if the good people who frequent there continue, then we know where the cult is located.   obviously he has offended everyone because a bigot is just that, a bigot about everything.  period.

I think if he's on Yelp, a few bad comments might shut his ass up when nobody patronizes his shithole of a resteraunt  

This man is an embarrassment to the human race. I hope it puts him out of business, real fast. 

Maybe he'll keep his BIG MOUTH shut when he has 2 SHUT his doors, due 2his judgemental ridiculous commets! After he runs his mouth long enough to run customers off until he has to close, maybe one of the folks on welfare will be kind enough 2 show him2the welfare office. oh me,oh my,what if his case worker or a gay guy? He'll run 4the door,trip&fall on the floor,end up disability...karma's a bich&that is reality!e

I wouldn't be caught dead in Oklahoma. God hates Oklahoma; He's always sending tornadoes to tear the place up.

Not all Oklahomans are like this pathetic man. Some of us where taught to LOVE your fellow man and to accept others for who they are. A few bad apples ruin the cart for everyone and this case is no exception for the rule. I love my state and the good people in it. 


I hope he gets his Hell

We should take a bunch of well dressed white gays into his establishment and right before they pay the bill let him know they are all gay...see if he kicks them out before they pay!

A great idea, and they should pay on the way out with real dollars and a one cent tip.

Do this daily for 35 days, he will get the message.

People, people why are you giving him this free advertising

. Let it go. there is always going to be people around like him. Put him and his bar on ignore and know Karma is a bitch.

Would be sad to see his livelihood burn to the grown suddenly. Or would it?

It's his business he can do what he wants----I am on his hit parade.  Unfortunately he is not alone in his beliefs or he wouldn't be in his bigoted business 44 years---move on eat somewhere else.  

Nice bigoted comment a$$hole. If it were up to you blacks would still be drinking from different water fountains. Get a clue.

He has been in business for 44 years and he did not just wake up this morning and decide he was going to exclude all these people. He must be getting some support from the locals around the area if he has been in business that long. I see several postings of people wanting to burn his restaurant to the ground, but that would just give him the insurance money to open a new one. Just need to park someone out front and start getting names of people going in there and if any of them are business owners let those people know they will be boycotted as well.

I don't think I could ever patronise such a place -- I haven't got a white sheet.

Objectively, it is his business and has the right to be discriminatory if he wants. What we need to do is let everyone know what kind of jerk he is and perhaps people will stop going to him and his business will close, as it should. There is no place for people as intolerant as him.

No he really doesn't.  It is not legal to discriminate if you own a business open to the public.  He is obviously an ignorant bigot who deserves whatever ill fate befalls him.  He is a vile, disgusting excuse for a human being.

We need to know the name and location of his restaurant ... and his church .... so we can burn both of them to the ground.

I understand your anger Silas but hate with hate isn't going to change a thing.  People just not going to his establishment  and hitting him in the wallet is the way to go. ;)

That would be just as wrong. I bet you are one of the so called "compassionate" liberals right?

I think his parents were brother and sister, or something along those lines. Who in their right mind would want to go to this dump anyway?  Did you see this place....HOLLY JESUS!!!  He will meet his maker...and he will get his for sure.  Now that your face has been seen on tv, I hope your business fails. 

Yes, I would be very afraid of catching something that antibiotics or antiviral drugs couldn't kill if I were to ever step foot in his shitpile that he claims to be a restaurant.

Chicaros... that's not a Native American name, is it?  Sounds Latino, or worse, Greek or Portuguese!!!!!

Just kidding.   He probably thinks he's a Native American because he was born and has never left OK.

Rachel Maddow should show up to interview him, along with several of her inter-racial or non-white staff, all with cameras to record it, and put it on her show the next night.  Then the feds and the state law-enforcement agencies should descend the next day, go over his books, check out his political contributions, make sure he's not supporting hate groups, etc.

A little 21-st century America could wake this guy up to how much an idiot he is.  Then maybe he'll get really lucky and no one will show up to buy what he's selling for a few weeks, and he'll become as poor as the people he hates most.  Better still would be that he has to go to jail after threatening a person of color who tries to enter his establishment.  Then maybe 15-20 months in a federal prison for violation of the equal rights act, alongside his fellow inmates, some of whom are people of color.  Justice!

What an absolute FUCKTARD!

I bet he has had more so called "Faggots" in his establishment than he thinks. I would go eat and after I was done and at the register to leave I'd just let him know a fag was amongst his customers and you had no clue. Your such a

Wow - unbelievable - so much hate.  Anybody that continues to patronize this establishment agrees with this man - if you can call him that.

I hope after this broadcast, Mr. KKK's business goes belly up.

He just got the "Asshole of the Week" award.

Like WTF...Not only gays won't be served but blacks,muslims etc...I predict easily his sh*tty restaurant closing very very soon from the boycott that all kind of people will practice when they get informed about his outrageous beliefs and just won't go there and give him their precious money....There are plenty other OK non homophobic restaurants to choose from anyway so its only his own loss definitely!

Crazy! Run your business to hell! 

So the wheel-chair guy who "turned a blind eye," ONLY had an issue with the owners discrimination when he couldn't get a steak dinner?  He's WORSE than the owner.  mmm,

Where have I heard this kind of story before?

Oh yeah, Nazi Germany.

Two bigots doesn't equal a steak dinner.

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