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Russian Gay Teen Dies Following Torture By Anti-Gay Neo-Nazis

We previously reported on the kidnapping and torture of Russian gay teens by Russian anti-gay neo-Nazi group, Occupy Pedofilyaj. These teens were lured by their captors via the social networking site

It's now been reported that one victim, pictured above, has died.

The Spectrum Human Rights Alliance writes:

According to the human right activist, Dr. Valentin Degtyarev, MD, who closely monitors infamous Neo Nazi group "Occupy Pedofilyaj", the Uzbek victim shown on this photo tragically died as a result of numerous tortures.  No arrests have been made and no charges were pressed. Putin's law enforcement seems to fully condone these actions. 


Clearly Putin has no interest in protecting the Russian LGBT community against anything beyond "gay propaganda." 

What are our next steps as a community?


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What should we do? What petitions can we sign?  Where can we donate? Is there any way we can get off the sidelines on this issue?

Unbelievable. I'm shocked and disappointed, can't believe there still are stupid narrow minded people out there doing shit like this. But one day, one day, those oppressors will burn! Burn in hell!

This is sad and outrages! And folks who keep talking about the president, go back to school...please.This has nothing to do with him. This is about something serious in the world. So be serious and do something to make a difference in our world! Or stop being a waste of space!

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You need to shut up about Assbama and focus on the topic here- gay men being murdered in Russia! Quit going off topic with your rants.  

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Where is the UN and other nations? If this was being done to any other social group such as practitioners of Judaism or Christianity, Black people, etc. everyone would be up in arms. Why is that LGBT people are often overlooked when atrocities like this threaten the community. I thought we were all human beings or are some people more equal than others.

because sadly, a lot of straight bible-thumping people view LBGT folks as less than human.

Sickens me that the world is not up in arms demanding Russia throw this ignorant and hate filled law out. How is torturing anyone ok based in how they were born? Just because the ignorant piece if shit president of Russia wants to keep his anti gay law and spread his own personal beliefs and hatred? Maybe it's time an assassin took him out of the mix then. 

This is an outrage - we need to keep the pressure.

I am glad somebody else is outraged instead of putting their heads up Assbama's ass!

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