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Chevrolet Debuts Ads Featuring Gay Couples To Run During Sochi Olympics

Chevrolet has joined the rising chorus of major companies who can't let the next two weeks' focus on Russia go by without supporting LGBT rights. Chevy has announced a new ad series titled #TheNew containing eight commercial spots that will run during Olympics broadcasts. Two of the ads include same-sex couples, with one debuting tonight during the Sochi Opening Ceremonies.

The other spot celebrates gay parents and will run a little later in the Winter Olympics coverage: 


I'm in love with John Cusack.

Thank you Chevrolet for stepping up to the plate, and deciding that FAMILY is just that, a unit of people loving and caring for one another, no matter what genders, races, religions.  A unit that sustains each other through communication and caring.  You showed that in this simple commercial, that I know touched the hearts of so many people.  Appreciate your dignity in how the gay couple was portrayed, and the moments we can all identify with in your video.  

Thank you Chevrolet for caring... 

Way to go chevy!

I would buy a chevy now---

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