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Video: The View's Joy Behar To Guest: "You Sure Look Gay In Those Pants!"

The View co-host Joy Behar made an off-the-cuff remark to MSNBC's Joe Scarsborough, which he repeated to the studio audience. Apparently when Joe arrived wearing a jaunty summer ensemble that included pink pants, Joy said, "You sure look gay in those pants."

Once called out, Joy defended herself, saying, “I like them though. I happen to like a gay look.”

“Maybe I do, too,” Scarborough replied.


Joy's a friend to the gays, so we doubt she'll get any flack for the comment, but we're curious--had the same statement been made by a more conservative pundit (innocently or not), would they also get a pass? 

It feels a little similar to the question Anderson Cooper raised regarding Alec Baldwin's casual use of an anti-gay slur.  

What do you think, Instincters?



I agree - Joy is not malicious and has always stood up for the Gays.  I love Joy Behar!

It's funny chill out, Joy has our back. She's a comedian and did not mean any harm, come on ppl chill out. Let's worry about persecution of the LGBTQ community in Russia .. LEAVE JOY ALONE!!!

We shouldn't give her a pass just because she's funny! Stupid comment.

I think it's inappropriate. I think Joy was out of line & Gay people are stupid 4 "giving her a pass." Pink or any other derivative of the color does not belong 2 any group of people or any one of the sexes. It was tacky & it was rude. How about someone say to her, "You look pretty fat in that black." Enough said.

With no socks?  He does look gay!

shes a comedian and a friend to gays and we all know it so of course she gets a pass. It is good having her as a friend to the community...she did not alientate us so lets no aleinate her.

No, she should not get a pass. Of all people, I would expect her to know better. Stop with the stereotypes.

As far as I'm concerned, Joy gets a pass.

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