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Video: Lindsay Lohan Gets Laughs & Looks Great Guest-Hosting 'Chelsea Lately' (Sneak Peek!)

We've gotten our first live look at Lindsay Lohan post her ninety day stint in rehab and we've gotta say, girlfriend looks good! Get it, LiLo!! 

Lindsay recorded her Chelsea Lately guest-hosting stint on Thursday and we've got a sneak peek! (The episode airs on E!, Aug. 5!)  

*Here's a link to the video in case it's not popping up for you below.*














Fresh and healthy glow? Check. 

Comedic timing? Check. 

Jokes at one's own expense? Check!

Could La Lohan finally be back on track? By the power of Oprah, let it be so!!


(Image Source: E!)



Yes, Lindsay  does look great. Sure hope she stays healthy!!

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