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Michael Sam Shows Off Ripped Body, Dances Topless At Gay Bar

Michael Sam is officially our favorite athlete (maybe person??) ever!

Check out this video (revealed by TMZ, of course) of Michael breaking it down shirtless at SoCo, a Columbia, Missouri gay club, to Michael Jackson!

He's got moves--AND that body! 

Michael, WE want to rock with you!! (And remember critics, he's 24 and in college--let him have some fun! NFL players have done far worse!)


No rhyme, and no common sense.  Since when bars allow someone to be shirtless?  Most want your shirt even tucked in.  For a black, no rhyme.  He feel more acceptable now, ever in his life, a gay black male, and happy too.

So why are heterosexual men who are possibly being drafted into the NFL seen at straight nightclubs?!!! Duh, Michael Sam is gay and will dance at any nightclub he wants too (preferably gay or gay friendly I would assume; I am attracted to women/lesbian and I am most comfortable at gay nightclubs). Anyways, he and everyone else at the nightclub seem to be having fun, great for them!

Gay Bar? How come there are no men?

Gay Bar? How come there are no men?

You need to open your eyes dude....there are men at the bar....

My baby daddy!! He so can't And those "girls" are drag

Oh well..."gay bar"? And where the gays were? You must be kidding. 

Ay Dios Mio...Break me off a piece of that 6 pack bar....He looks Yummy! 


gosh, I'm shirtless... I mean... speechless...!!! :O

I was disappointed he was dancing with women....where were the men??? LOL  I'd have been right up there!! He's HOT!!

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