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U.S. Olympic Luger Attacks Canada's Hilarious Gay Luge Ad

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While we got quite the laugh out of the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion's PSA highlighting just how gay the Olympics have always been, it appears a member of the American luge team is less than pleased. 

Christian Niccum apparently didn't see the humor in the man-on-man luge action.

From Reuters:

"It's a gross misrepresentation of everything. All of it seems like a lie to me," Niccum, the oldest member of the American luge team at 36 and now a three-time Olympian, told Reuters.

"To compare sports to sexuality is ridiculous," added Niccum of the video, which can be viewed on the Toronto-based organization's website (

"When we were kids I didn't get on the doubles sled thinking, well it never even crossed my mind, that 'oh, this is gay'. You think of players, or whoever...'oh it's male on male contact so something is going on'. It's just sportsmanship. When did we come so sexual about everything?

"Kids don't think that way and now they're having commercials and promoting that this is the way sports are. I just think it's too bad.

"It made me really think when I was a kid. Those types of thoughts never crossed my mind and now they are promoting diversity using our sport. I don't think it's fair for people that do have same sex attraction that they are using sport to promote their lifestyle. It's not that way at all. To make those comparisons, I think it's sad."

Relax. (Be careful, Christian--you know what they say about the lady that doth protest too much...)


(H/T: Pink News)


He tips his hand when he uses the fundamentalist Christian phrase "have same sex attraction."

yep, he IS stupid...

Holly shit! He totally missed the point of the ad. Man, you're pretty... Pretty stupid...

The ad statement can be dated back to the origins of the Olympics. We're all familiar with Greek wrestling, am I right? I think She dost prosest WAY too much.

Really? - get a sense of humor.

Quite often, the ones that are most homophobic, are the ones who are closeted! Plus, it's a bit ironic that his last name is almost like saying, 'nice cum'...LOL ;) Lighten up and try to find the humor in life. I am proud to be from Canada, where being gay is not even an issue. We all have the same equal rights here as everyone else....and gay marriage has been legal for almost 10 years...coast to coast to coast! ;) Peace and love <3

Too bad he didn't like the ad. It made me laugh, and it seems to me its only intention is being funny. I don't think it's implying anything else about the world of sports.

Are u joking ? Sex has nothing to do with sports ? That is exactly why i watch . And kids ? Forget u ,thats exactly the way kids think. Ok and he has a problem using sports to promote equality but has no problem allowing sports to suppress people. Wow. What a jerk.


Are these straight athletes so insecure about their own sexuality that they can not see the humour in the advert?

Mary, just come out of the closet. Because you sad protestations are a clear indicator that you're dealing with a lot of internalized homophobia.


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