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Two Year Old Boy Wearing Pink Head Band Called "Faggot" And Assaulted At Wal Mart

Don't let the assault of youths by bigots in Russia distract from the very painful fact that the same thing is still happening in the U.S. ... to two-year-olds, even! 

Katie Vyktoriah was shopping with Dexter, her two-year-old son whom she allowed to wear a pink headband, and her five-month old daughter when an unknown man approached the family aggressively. The stranger allegedly ripped off Dexter's headband and violently slapped the back of his head. 

"You'll thank me later, little man," the attacker yelled before telling Katie, "your son is a fucking faggot." 

"He'll get shot for it one day," he added as he walked away with Katie screaming at him. 

She describes the man as "overly large with a bushy beard and camouflage shirt. He had tattered shorts and lace-up work boots with no laces. I could smell the fug of cigarette smoke surrounding him, and there was a definite pong of beer on him."

As far as Dexter goes, Katie says she's cool with letting him be himself, adding that he loves wearing pink, watching Dora the Explorer and "dressing up in her skirts."

She writes at Huffington Post:

While we may accept and support whoever our kids turn out to be, I am scared beyond words at what it would mean for them if they ARE gay.

Why should anyone have to live in fear because they fall in love with someone that you or someone else doesn’t agree with? Why should mothers and fathers of gay kids have to have an extra layer of terror at night because they know that the world at large is against their child?

If one or both of my kids grow up to realize they are any of these things, it will not change a thing about how I feel toward them.

Katie has been advised not to discuss any further details as a police report has been filed and the investigation is considered ongoing. 


I assume that this story went viral, but it should also have appeared on the national news.  This has to be one of the most outrageous examples of homophobia ever!!

I dont even know how to respond to this as I am outraged and I never speak well when I am that angry. I will suffice my comments to simply say that I am proud of her parenting. The young children are blessed to have her as a mother.

You said everything I wanted 2 say in your post. Thank U @Patriotsfan above. I so feel you! Cheers again 2A wonderful Mother.

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