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Kansas Gets Closer To Legalizing Denial Of Services To Gay People


Updated Wednesday, 2:45 p.m. cst

The Kansas House has officially sent legislation protecting businesses, individuals and state employees who wish to deny goods or services to gay couples to the state senate.

Following a wide margin in the initial vote on Tuesday, today's procedure saw a few more state reps voice their opposition to the legislation. But it wasn't enough. In a vote of 72 - 49, the Kansas House has officially endorsed the refusal of goods and service to a portion of their tax paying constituents. The bill heads to the Kansas Senate, where Republicans outnumber Democrats 31 - 9. 

Good luck, Kansas. 

Head here for the full language in the bill.

Also, a petition has gained momentum in recent days over attention paid to Kansas. Head here to sign. 


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What a difference a state line makes.

Whereas positive news about the modern civil rights struggle flowed out of Missouri early Tuesday, neighboring Kansas (home of Westboro) has threatened to force its citizens back into segregation. 

As reported last week, House Bill 2453 seeks to enshrine a homophobic relative of Jim Crow law in Kansas. If passed, businesses and government employees are free to refuse goods and services to gays behind the shield of a Bronze Age Biblical passage.

If it's a government employee who's denying service to an American minority because of a Leviticus passage, the law asks the homophobe (who's probably wearing a uniform of mixed-fabrics and preparing for a ham sandwich lunch break) to "promptly" find another employee who isn't prejudiced. Oh, but only if "it can be done without undue hardship to the employer.”

Anti-gay businesses will have even more protection to refuse service (including loans, accommodations, etc.) to the LGBT community.​ Looks like that Oklahoma asshole might want to move his anti-everything except redneck restaurant one state north!

Unfortunately, the Kansas House approved an initial vote of the measure with a "fuck you, LGBT community"-tally of 72 - 42. A final vote will take place on Wednesday. If passed again, it moves to the Republican-controlled state senate. 

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Nope, no narrow minded views here.  Just the truth.  Sorry if you don't like it.  This is absolutely a Christian nation.  This country was built strong and firm on the bible.  And I could care less what others think as well

Yep you are a bigot and wrong. Just the truth. Sorry if you don;t like it. 

Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law."
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

"The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries." -James Madison 1803 letter objecting use of gov. land for churches

"Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise." -James Madison letter to Wm. Bradford, April 1, 1774

"Among the sayings and discourses imputed to him [Jesus] by his biographers, I find many passages of fine imagination, correct morality, and of the most lovely benevolence; and others again of so much ignorance, so much absurdity, so much untruth, charlatanism, and imposture, as to pronounce it impossible that such contradictions should have proceeded from the same being."
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Short, April 13, 1820

Actually this country was built on the backs of people who were once considered property. The people who owned this "property" justified their right to own people through the Bible. P.S. you should capitalize "Bible." Where is your Christian dignity?

Actually this country was built on the premise of the separation of church and state. Just saying.

That's possibly the most accurate and best comeback I've eve seen in my life. Actually just made my morning. 

So, in your mind, if this is a "Christian nation," what does that mean? That the citizens of this nation should be required to profess Christianity? And what if they don't? What would you recommend? Re-education? Internment camps? Deportation? Imprisonment? Why not execution? Come on, if you're serious about this crap, then double down and say plainly what you think should happen. Should non-Christians be allowed to stay in the US, allowed to live? Or maybe your idea is that we non-believers should just meekly accept second-class citizen status and be glad we're even tolerated on your holy soil.  Perhaps we should all be registered and have to report our movements to a central authority? Speak up, big man, what's your solution?

Not even the Catholics believe anything in the bible, these days. Open your eyes and quit living in the past--the bible's a fact that was gotten around years ago.

The fake picture of Straight and Gay!?! I get the oppression factor but I do not like that my ancestry (slaves) and Jim Crow laws are seen as equal. Oppression of any sort is injustice, but do not equally compare I say. (And I am American (Black) and Lesbian, so I get both sides. I do have to say something towards it because I cannot ignore seeing this photo.)

My perspective on the Kansas decision: And this is ridiculous that several U.S states want to deny certain rights and/or services to LGBT. Progress has flourished this past year for sure with marriage equality, I would think this issue with Kansas would not be happening!? I hope individuals (LGBT and Straight allies) in Kansas stand up more and more, also all of you have support from others like us, you are not alone.

Tara - I think the meaning of the picture is not to show equal measure between the tragically embarrassing historic events of oppression in America (anyone who participates in that is trying to win a pissing contest to see who shot the shortest). It isn't down playing or disrespectful. I believe the meaning in the photo is saying "Where does the oppression stop this time?" "How far will it go?" "Will we once again take away the humanity of a community?" It is showing that America has been down this path before and does not need hurt more of it's children.

All I know is my reality, and I know that I have dealt with bigotry and hate. So what is the point of putting a grading scale on oppression? Is there really worth saying one was worse than another? I would ask you to put your frustration toward relieving us from the illness of oppression, and not prolong the struggle for any community. 

Yes, this is how I am looking at this particular photo. I feel that it is desensitizing U.S History of slavery to the Jim Crow laws which the photo's imagery obviously was lifted from. The photograph of many water fountains of "colored" and "white" cannot be copied and pasted like this one, because you can see them in real life in books, museum, etc.

Now, I am not saying one is better than the other. I am saying, do not state- like this (fake) picture is doing- that you as a White individual (or any other skin color) knows how it is to walk in my shoes as a Black individual, and vice versa. You as an LGBT individual, and I as well, may have general similarities with the LGBT community but remember we have differences as well. Just like I am a woman, I would not experience what a man goes through, or vice versa. BUT I am willing to hear your perspective, and discuss. So this is how I look at this fake photo, me being both (yet again stating) Black and Lesbian, I have both sides to view in my life. My ancestry is not going away because you and others, want to paint a picture of "that U.S History is over now and move on". No that is my family lineage; just like you have yours. Going through an experience of any sort is different than just expressing an oppression like this picture. So just remember, Black LGBT Americans exist too, and we remember our U.S History just everyone else; it does not go away or get replaced by another because there are similar oppressions.  

I meant to say more clearly: it does not go away or get replaced by another oppression because there are broad similarities.

Is your "blackness" innate...of course it is

Is your "homosexuality" innate...of course it is

Your point

How exactly do you measure oppression? It starts somewhere. Just because you don't see it as "equal" not doesn't mean it won't or can't get that bad. And keep in mind, there are places in the world where being gay IS a sentence on equal terms of being of an ethnicity someone doesn't like. 

Please. Your ancestry doesn't give you authority to say that one oppression is greater than another. It's all the same in the end. It's all hate. It's all bigotry and ignorance, and you're a part of it when you inadvertantly defend it. We SHOULD be comparing it-- because the further we separate and segregate, the closer we get to your bitching about equal oppression becoming moot when it does become equal, it does get to that level. What happens when LGBT are being denied house loans so they have to move into low income housing? Are segregated into "poor neighborhoods" because they're being denied goods and services equal to heterosexuals? Have to sign onto jobs that trap them in labor-cycles analagous to having to sell oneself into slavery? 

Maybe no one stole an LGBT from another country and forced them into labor, but if you got the honest truth from those who want to keep the LGBT community down, how much do you want to bet that's what's in their hearts? It's frankly insulting and cowardly. Don't join the fight. We don't need you.

View my reply above please. Thank you.

I'm a nurse, what if I decide I'm not going to care for the fat and unemployed. That is most of Kansas right?

This is a great start.  Let's hope the next law they pass allows Jewish business owners from refusing to serve anyone who consumes bacon or shellfish in Kansas. And then we need a law banning from shopping malls, anyone who wears polyester, is clean shaven, or has tattoos. It's about time we brought Kansas into the 4th century.

It is still a state belonging to the United States of America and therefore must abide by the US constitution. Equality is a fundamental right of citizens of the U.S.A. and the only thing that this has done for Kansas, is to prove that West Virginia is not last with total number of idiots assembled within a designated area. CONGRATULATIONS KANSAS!! How embarrassing for you. Now the entire world knows how ignorantly bigoted you truly are. Let the mass exodus begin. The state of Kansas will surely be the least populated state in the union and it wasn't too populated to begin with.

I really feel like packing my fucking bags right now....This is super shameful..

It will be over-turned. It is simply unconstitutional.

Thank god im british. That shit would be a non starter here. Fucking cheek using religion to cover bigotry. Well kiss my black ass Kansas and not the outer bit but the bit with the nerve ending on it. Mutherfuckers!

One small point, since everyone else is saying what I feel; The Bronze Age was WAY before the bible was written. In the Bronze Age, love was love, and you had sex with whoever you want. It's the bible that has caused all the problems. Before it was (allegedly) written by "God" pagans were a lot more open minded. Glad I'm a Pagan, and don't have to worry about all that biblical bullshit.

Wow.  The bigots of Kansas have ruined The Wizard of Oz...

I mean, WHO in their right mind would want to go back there once escaping!

Good luck in your hate-filled, ignorant-of-the-true-meaning-of-Christ's-love, bass-ackwards state, bigots!  You get all the misery and economic depression you deserve.

It's good we're having this debate. And when the courts strike this down, it will likely take away other forms of discrimination with it (workplace, marriage, etc.). Can't wait!

This is not right ,

Wow - bigotry is now legal - unbelievable.

What about protecting the minority against the tyranny of the majority?

I am certain the Supreme Court will shoot it down very quickly. Shame on anyone that voted for this. It's a damn good thing we don't become intolerant of your homophobic asses or we may have to start denying our services to you. Goodbye music, football, eating out and all other facets of life you may hold dear.

How can you segregate a sexuality? unlike racial segregation (which was obviously visible from the skin) how will one know if the other is gay or straight. I could be walking around in a dress and if I say I'm str8, how can you prove me wrong? because I'm wearing a dress???? lol.....this whole world is going to shits bro smh....

They'll make the LGBT community wear patches on their clothes. Maybe a rainbow instead of a star this time.

I'm a transgendered person who was born with a male body.  I do look somewhat feminine, but still look very much like a male.  there are a lot of times that I do walk around in a dress, but if you were to ask me about my sexuality I am only interested in women.  There is no way to determine what a persons sexuality is just based on their appearance.  

I didn't know that Kansas is in Russia, I always thought it's a part of democratic free country called USA

These Bible thumpers should read through Leviticus, and Deuteronomy... and they better not be in a second marriage.

It is in the democratic and free country called the USA, where you're free to deny services to anybody for any reason.  You're free to be gay, and I'm free to ask you to leave my shop, if you are.

If you are a business licensed by the city, you MUST serve the general public. Only private businesses - such as clubs - with members only may discriminate. 

And I'm free to burn your business to the ground.

Or throw rocks at the blasphemy spewing from their mouths!

If this is the way the state is going to treat them, Gay and Lesbian Kansans should STOP paying state taxes.  Period.  Tell the state government to go f**k itself. 

I personally have had enough. I do not want my tax dollars going to them the next time they need funds from the Federal government it should be denied. Let the bigots rot in there own filth the next time a tornado comes through there god forsaken state.

More power to Kansas. But here is what I don't understand. How is someone going to deny education rights or anything like that to someone who is gay if they cannot tell just by looking at them that they are gay? 

So, if you suspect someone is gay, by the way they talk, or their mannerisms... does that prove they're sexually active? Are you going to condemn lesbians too, or are they okay because it's a fantasy of yours, and it's okay...? What about the American Constitution? The Bill of Rights?? Any of this ring a bell? I guess you haven't gotten over having a black president yet either....

I actually initially supported Obama. You just sound stupid there.

The point I was trying to make (and made so well that it went completely over your dense head), was that unless you subscribe to every stereotype about gay people (lesbians included in "gay people" notice how i never said "gay men"), you don't know just by looking at them if they are gay or not. And even then you still could be wrong because stereotypes are often wrong.

Idiots amuse me

I guess you amuse yourself a lot then,

That's.... quite the childish response the educated, well informed post I made.

Face it, like anyone else in the pro gay boat, you have no valid arguments.

Why not let the adults discuss issues, ok? 

How 'adult' of you to make a statement like "Idiots amuse me."

The LGBT citizens of Kansas need to press federal charges against the state government now. Not after. This is a violation of Constitutional law. It is 100% illegal and NOT real American behavior. Let this go and you will see how far this goes when a hospital refuses to treat you because you are gay but still accepts tax dollars that come out of your pocket. 

Furthermore, until this is legally dealt with (even if the feds need to take over) all LGBT business owners, servers, workers, etc. and any straight allies should refuse to serve or do anything for anti-gay people since the law would apply to you also. That means; to the gay sales clerk at a super market or retail store, refuse to serve anybody who is anti-gay. To the gay waiter or waitress at a restaurant, refuse to serve anti-gay people. To the gay transportation drivers, refuse to allow anti-gay people on your bus, train, etc. To the gay garbage collectors, refuse to pick up garbage from the homes or business of anti-gay dross. To the gay postal worker, refuse to deliver mail to anti-gays. To the gay nurse or healthcare worker, refuse to provide care for anti-gay people. If you, LGBT citizens, do not want to pay taxes anymore to a state government that refuses to protect and respect you and do not want subsidize their homophobic bigotry because of your deeply held beliefs than you need to stop paying taxes, threaten that if they continue to steal money from your paycheck that you will take it back in various ways via items that money was used to pay for like the chairs those ingrate parasites are sitting on. You need to TAKE your freedom and equality, rights belonging to you by birth and law from the United States Constitution, by physical force now because those fascist barbarians are not going to give it to you and remember you have second amendment rights as well. Does Kansas have a stand yoru ground law? If so, than that applies to you and all you need to say is that you felt threatened.

This needs to work both ways. They want an uncivilized, anti-American society where discrimination is a free-for-all based on ANYBODY'S deeply held personal beliefs then give it to them full force 

Oh that's right, this law only applies to anti-gay, anti-American, reich-wing, parasitic, uncivilized, "Christian" TRASH.

This is not civilized behavior. OMG! I love Kansas!

Its sure and the hell is unconstitutional behavior..Colorado implemented the same law and they got slapped in the face with a constitutional dick...whatcha gonna do bitch boy

Separation of church and state.... 

We have bigger problems in the world so who cares Marrying who if they are happy leave them alone 

I don't see how this will accomplish what they think it will. There isn't anything in the Bible that says, "Thou shalt not sell insurance to homosexuals."

Well--I was addressing what you wrote in this article, in which you referenced you article from last week. But last week. it wasn't about denying services overall to homosexuals, it was about denying services involving recognition of a marriage or a domestic partnership. I'm not saying it's any better, but it's different.

Has anyone actually read the original copy of the bible? The actual "word of god" has been completely rewritten. Passages have been added, removed and translated so many times over the past 2000 years. The whole book has been completely modified and is now "the word of man"; The bible is now completely void and is now someone else's egocentric beliefs. Here is a terrific example, 16 people (each person stands for the number of bible translations) are lined up, shoulder-to-shoulder. You start at one end and whisper a sentence (the word of god) and have it whispered along to the other end. Once the "word of god" finally reaches the last person, it is non recognizable and completely different. Words in that sentence get dropped, added or interpreted differently. Why would the bible be any different? Could it be these slanders against homosexuals are add-ons or misinterpretations from something else? We will never know, but it does make you think. 

That is what I always say!!! The bible is not a "pure" document of anything. It is a book of lessons and a guide to living a good life. A king took out parts so he could get the first divorce, we all know that. The fact that there is more than one version, different factions with different beliefs tell you that religion is inbred. You can believe what you want to believe, but make sure the next time a tornado runs thru Kansas that you don't ask for help from a gay person because they might turn you and your straight family away. They more than likely wouldn't do that because we ALWAYS rise about the crap, but it would be a hard lesson learned if they do treat you the way you treat us. How shameful. The south is going to become one big festering hate filled region. Hope they don't count on tourism. Gays have more money to spend on vacations, just remember that Kansas! 

The fairy tale is irrelevant to our rule of law and we need vaporize that sickness. The better off all of humanity will be..

Again the archaic bassackward Harry Potter Fairy Tale is quite IRRELEVANT 

Don't insult Harry Potter

Some people who believe in God aren't hateful and are supportive. I've met just as many hateful atheists as hateful Christians; like calling it a "fairy tale" while some people actually believe is hateful and makes you a hypocrite. You're free to not believe if you want to, and they're free to believe if they do. The sooner everyone realizes that what's going on with everyone else isn't their business, THAT'S when humanity will become better off.

The difference is "hateful atheists" aren't making laws discriminating against a certain segment of the population based on a fictional book, "hateful Christians" ARE. 

Subtle, I know...but still different.

I can totally see how calling something a fairy tale is exactly the same as enacting laws refusing to serve people based on their sexuality.

Much hate

so wow

Very discriminate

"I can totally see how calling something a fairy tale is exactly the same as enacting laws refusing to serve people based on their sexuality."

Then you are deluded.


That law would open up a Pandora's box. Can I then site the Ten Commandments and deny service to anyone who I think is a liar, adulterer, etc? No one would be getting served.

The problem is the Ten Commandments are a different set of laws within the Christian-Judeo belief. You could say you were comparing but.... no

I'm starting to wonder with laws like this on the books whether I would qualify for political asylum in Canada.

@ casey


This is 2014, right?! 

physically yes, mentally no. 

In Romer v. Evans, 517 U. S. 620 (1996) as quoted and affirmed in Lawrence v. Texas:

The Court struck down class-based legislation directed at homosexuals as a violation of the Equal Protection Clause. Romer invalidated an amendment to Colorado’s Constitution which named as a solitary class persons who were homosexuals, lesbians, or bisexual either by “orientation, conduct, practices or relationships,” id., at 624 (internal quotation marks omitted), and deprived them of protection under state antidiscrimination laws. We concluded that the provision was “born of animosity toward the class of persons affected” and further that it had no rational relation to a legitimate governmental purpose. Id., at 634. [p. 574]

It will never survive federal court. Good luck assholes!

Illegal under Romer v Evans (15 US 620 - 1996)

Sorry, Kansas.  Colorado already tried and failed.

Thank God there are so many jobs and customers that the legislation can pass laws like this. Businesses have so many customers that they can refuse service. Wow good for you Kansas. No recession here. 

They'd rather be broke than serve a "fag"

Im an Australian living in Kansas with my husband and haven't encountered this yet. That being said Missouri is a nice place and I'd move their
Without a problem. I just avoid the Baptists and their ilk.

You moved from Oz to Kansas?  Isn't that the wrong direction?

Did they miss the post in the Bible that says throw no stones for God is the only judge??

I love my man and he wasn't happy in Oz. I've decided to give the states a try as he moved to Australia to be with me for 18mths but it didn't work.

Same thing is happening here in Idaho.  Committee hearings begin tomorrow and it is likely to be recommended for passage and advance to the full senate on a PDQ basis, before those pesky Add the Words (protecting gender identity and sexual orientation in the state civil rights act) folks get the hearing they've been begging for for 8 years.  Stay tuned.  There is likely to be another rash of arrests at our capitol building tomorrow.

But it's perfectly okay that they have sex with their sheep??

Ummmm.....did they miss that little clause about the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!??? Let the lawsuits begin.

Between Kansas, Texas and Nebraska, I can't decide who's the most backward.

Well, considering Texas just passed Legislation recognizing gay marriages and gay unions legally, while still not allowing gays to marry within the state-lines would show that Texas is moving forward. And also, how is Texas backward, look up top 10 gay cities in the U.S. You'll see 4 Texas cities on that list, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

Texas has not passed legislation recognizing civil unions or gay marriages. The Texas State Constitution still recognizes marriage as being between one man and one woman.

I'm a born a raised 50 yr old Texas queen living in Big "D"...and you are deluded

LGBT people live in every hateful state regardless of the laws. We dont seem to care enough to move away from the hate. Florida is one of the worst anti-gay states in the Union and boasts several large gay population centers including Wilton Manors, which has a majority gay population and ranks as the "gayest" city in America.

You cannot assume that Texas is not a homophobic state just because lots of gay people live there. There is no evidence that they'll move to avoid ant-gay laws or even open violence.

Thank goodness I don't live there, because if someone ever did that to me, he/she would instantly have my fist on his/her piehole. I wouldn't care going to jail for that.


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