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Heart It or Hate It: Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody” Video

Pregnancy be damned! Impending motherhood isn’t going to keep Fergie from getting her party on. Check out the just-released video for her Great Gatsby contribution, and see if you spot a certain Scissor Sister cameo...

And more importantly, answer the age-old question: heart it or hate it?!



Nice to see it has only taken, what, 3 MONTHS for this to come out after The Great Gatsby and its soundtrack.

The video is hot. The song is ok, it's danceable, I wouldn't sit it out. It will be used for a Broadway number on So You Think You Can Dance, of this I am sure.

It's cute.

No. Like Gwen Stefani, Fergie has waited too damn long to release new material. Time marches on. It's the 69 cents iTunes bin for you, honey. Saw-wee.

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