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Fox News Contributor Sandy Rios Compares Gay Men To Ohio Rapist/Kidnapper Ariel Castro

Fox News contributor/nutjob Sandy Rios has decided that gay men are no better than convicted kidnapper/rapist Ariel Castro, who was charged this month with holding three women hostage as sex slaves over a decade in Ohio. According to Rios, who was joined on a radio program by Chicago pastor Erwub Lutzer, only love between one man and one woman is not sick, twisted and devious. 

Lutzer added to Rios' demonization of gay people, saying that even pedophiles claim they "love" the children they rape. 

Disgusting all around, but don't hold your breath waiting for Fox News to fire Rios for the dangerous, life-threatening comments she's fueled the violent homophobic sheeple who are sponges of this crap with.


Yay Rios, for ha Ingram the Courage to speak her mind. Of the sodomites don't like it, guess it just inhales to be queer.

Ugly bigoted hateful uneducated crunt. If only I could bomb her tweet account and vent. Ugly is as ugly does!!

She's a bad bean burrito. Don't touch her, whatever you do.

Obviously she doesn't have a gay hairdresser....  that's the worse foil job I've seen in ages....

no one is pretty on the outside when you're that ignorant on the inside. 

This woman may be pretty on the outside, but she looks like an advanced case of lung cancer on the inside.

I completely agree with the second part of your comment, however, she is purely ugly, downright hideous on the outside due to the vileness of her diseased soul inside! Does she even know a single gay man, say like perhaps her hairdresser or an interior designer (not to stereotype here, just jobs many gay men typically pursue is all)? She needs to be penalized, actually bitch-slapped from coast to coast, for her obnoxious, ill-informed and ignorant remarks, but we all know that's not likely to happen being under the sway/employ of fuxnews! What a stupid, stupid bitch!

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