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'Bachelor' Star's Final Rose Pick Is Sharing His Full Frontal Nude Pics?!

While The Bachelor star Juan Paul Galavis has expressed concern that a gay "Bachelor" might be inappropriate for children (remember gay "are more pervert"), we wonder if he has similar concerns over the alleged nude pictures of himself that are floating around and which have apparently fallen into the hands of Radar Online?

Radar writes:

While the 27 women originally vying for Pablo’s affection on the hit ABC show is slowly dwindling, the woman who ultimately gets the final rose is already bragging to friends about her new beau by texting photos of his genitals, claims one pal who was on the receiving end.

Radar has chosen not to name the woman as it would serve only as a major spoiler to those watching Season 18 of The Bachelor.

The reality TV contestant is fully nude in the photo with an erect penis — a photo that Radar has seen from a friend of the contestant who claims it’s Juan — and it has been verified that it came from a cell phone registered to the woman that the 32-year-old reportedly chooses as his final rose recipient.

We're not ones to throw stones. Nude pics are far (far) from uncommon, but we're thinking Juan Pablo's glass house is looking pretty vulnerable right now. 


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Someone should shove a rose petal up to this guy's @ss !

Gay !

So. Where are the pictures??????? This is just propaganda for his stupid comments.

The spoiler has Looong been written.He screws up and takes Nikki.  After taking Claire for a ride! Worst Batchelor in history.A real playa!

Who cares, he's an ass and isn't that gret looking.  Give him a big dick, he's gotta have one thing going for himself!

All I saw was one episode where he slept with one of the girls on the beach and was telling her it was a mistake 10 min later. Had her in tears and was manipulating her, telling her to just forget it. What a jackass. Girls are biologically programmed to get attached after sex, it's hormones and when you sleep with a girl you need to respect that and respect her. This guy is a douche 

Please I doubt it is huge.  He is an AZZ and should be thrown off the show!

so where's the pic

I think that it's funny that this guy is choosing a woman that is putting his junk on display to the world.   I wonder if that is something karmic...given his puritanical stance on homosexuality, and other issues.   I never watched "The Bachelor" and don't have plans to do so.   I watched "The Bachelorette" with Trista, and was glad that she chose Ryan, but then decided that there were better things to do.   Haven't watched it since.

where is the link, let us see if he measures UP. LOL

This dude and that show is a fucking tool!!! 

Wer is the pic!!!!!!!

Pathetic story! Very disappointed! I wanna see this punk naked!

He has a nude pic with an erected penis, people are perverts?? He sure loves to point fingers at but cant seem to watch himself on the mirror.

not saying the winner is 32

Rob, they're saying Juan is 32...... Calm done, honey boo boo! :)

so Radar does not want to be a spoiler but you have no problem telling us the winner is 32. Thanks for ruing the suspense of what is arguably the greatest show ever in the history of television and currently featuring the hottest guy alive.

I should simply put down the vodka...shouldn't I as I tend to be delirious.

No, they are saying Juan Pablo is 32, not the girl who he picks.

Umm... The only 32 year old mentioned in the article is the bachelor himself. I know your indignation was ironic, but maybe it would have been funnier had you read it properly.

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