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Gun Oil Lubricant Celebrates Gay Servicemembers w/ Sweet Valentine's Ad

Aww! Who knew Gun Oil could give us a case of the feels?! (The heart feels.)

Gun Oil lubricant just released this Valentine's Day ad and they're honoring gay servicemembers and their partners at the same time. Take a look!

President and CEO Scott Fraser says:

“Our Gun Oil products for men and PINK products for women are designed for the wellness and sensual enjoyment of everyone, regardless of orientation, preference, and relationship status. In light of progressive advances in marriage equality and the right to serve our country sweeping across the U.S., we felt this view of life was a story that was not being told with the authenticity and compassion it deserved.”

We guess you really can count on lube for added sensitivity! 


(H/T: NNNext)


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This "Gun Oil" is indeed a lubricant for a gun, but a gun in the "Full Metal Jacket" sense..."This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, this is for fun." Yes some NRA members do seem to feel sensual when it come to guns, but this is for a man's gun.

Is it just me or did the guy look like Paul Walker when he answered the door?

Yall do realize gun lube is literally just that, gun lube. Its not for sex its for rifles, pistols, ect. That is why NRA adds came up at the end. 

Dear Josh,

What? Not in my add. But apart from the name that is used for another item...are you not missing the point that this ad is making? Surely you must be able to grasp the sentiment? Or are you emotionally challenged?

ok so i just realized this was actually sex lube lol but the targeted ad picked it up wrong. lol

I liked the commercial, wish it was for something other than lube, but it is tasteful. In most lube commercials, the soldier would just arrive home, find the guy with someone else, and join in the action. Only kidding!

Gun oil lube is for rifles, pistols, ect. that is why the NRA ad came up. Its not for sex.

ok so i just realized this was actually sex lube lol but the targeted ad picked it up wrong. lol

Good commercial! I'm surprised theres not more hateful comments on this ad, but when someone makes an interracial couple commercial people lose their shit!

Beautiful white people with dimples should always be happy?

love it

An NRA ad popped up. Adaptive advertising fail. GUN OIL lube = NRA, right? Apparently, you get a nice shiny new rosewood handle pocket knife when you join! I wish I could post this screenshot...

@MarylandBear - I'm with you. At the end of the commercial I told my husband that I was going to cry. He asked why. I told him it was a beautiful lube ad. He laugh-barked!

Gun oil lube is for rifles, pistols, ect. that is why the NRA ad came up. Its not for sex.

ok so i just realized this was actually sex lube lol but the targeted ad picked it up wrong. lol

UGH they took the gay outta being gay.

(DAMN they rich!)

I missed that one on Superbowl night!

I don't understand the "play responsibly" comment above.  They appear to be a married couple.  They can play however responsibly they wish.  And it's a commercial, not a PSA from the CDC.  Not everything needs that kind of message.  Accept it's sappy sweetness for what it is. 

Am I the only one who, after watching the ad, wanted to watch them get it on!

? Not !

Awesome ad, even though it was for lube?!

I got chills down my spine watching!! Amazing!!!!

Que bonito comercial, sueño con tener algo así. ..besos

Ugh... That was not the most touching thing I've ever seen.. Sweet, yes.. But ugh.. 

Guys using Swiss Army pick there partner up at the airport and are part of the mile high club!

Oh please can some surprise me that way I love the commercial...

please play responsibly

I really liked it...I wish someone would surprise me like that...

I cried like a lil bi*ch :(  It was very touching

OBVIOUSLY he's SURPRISING him...  That's why he didn't pick him up at the airport!!!  Are you people really that callous???

Ooh rah!!!!!

LOL he didnt even go to the airport to meet him?! LAME

Maybe it was a "surprise."

Um... I didn't find it THAT good to have to cry and stuff... 

You would if you'd ever been in those shoes (Wife/Husband/Love in the service) or could relate to that situation. I have gone through that a lot when my husband is gone and I almost cried because it really hits home. I'll just forget what the commercial is selling and say I love the message and everything else about it.

I loved the commercial  It was done with dignity and with understand of everybody's life style

Some love....  The fucker didn't even meet him at the plane.   Time to look for a new guy

Great!  I love it.


Impressed lube commercial with class & dignity 

I cried too!

DAMN!! This made me cry!!!! lol 

Dammit, a commercial for lube isn't supposed to make me cry!

I know, really... and yet, here we are...

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