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Sandy Rios Responds To Critics Upset With Her Comparison Of Gays To Kidnapper Ariel Castro

The Internet had a collective "... the fuck?" moment on Tuesday when Fox News contributor Sandy Rios compared gay men to convicted Ohio kidnapper/rapist Ariel Castro

From the dark depths of her self-dug hole, Sandy wants us to toss her a shovel so she can dig out. 

Today, Sandy devoted a portion of her radio broadcast to reach out to those who may have been offended by her remarks. 

She had this to say:

If what we’re saying is not true, it should have no power over you, it shouldn’t bother you. Because I think in time, what’s true and what’s right, what works, what comports with reality will be lasting. So, let’s just see if your view of this is lasting. Let’s just see if homosexual marriage is all that you think it is, if it’s a pure and wonderful expression of love for two people.

Now, I would never say that homosexuals cannot love. They can, of course. Capable of great love. And I know there’s been tremendous heartbreak in the homosexual community – and I’ve talked about this before – heartbreak when you lose a loved one, heartbreak when you break up. Because, you know, there aren’t many lasting relationships – maybe among lesbians, but certainly not among gay men, that’s not the norm.

So, there’s a lot of heartbreak, a lot of rejection when you get older, so I know that you’re capable and able. You’re humans, you love. The point is, the right kind of love. The right kind of love is life-giving. And the right kind of love is love for God, love for your natural family, love between a man and a woman and a woman and a man in marriage. Not cohabitating. There’s just some standards that God lays down.

There. Does that make you feel better?


She's affiliated with Fox News... enough said! 

Bob and I have been married (completely committed) for 48 years.  God brought us together and He is keeping us together till death do us part.  This woman is totally ignorant in so many ways.

Love is life giving... She is referring to procreation. She is right, but it is not limited to the context she puts it in. Love is life giving, I know that because I have been lucky to have such a pure love in my life. In the darkest most traumatic moment of my life, I met the purest person on this earth and his love saved my life. It breathed life back into me, my wounds healed, I moved on from the pain and learned to love myself and be truly happy. He is the most important person to ever come into my life and our love for each other is the purest love and is eternal. So yes love gives life.

The best response to this woman's opinion is simple.  Find someone you love, whom loves you.  Marry.  Raise a family, if you so choose.  Live a life together in happiness. 

Marriage is work and marriage takes commitment.  And it is not for everyone.  But for those that are seeking it, those that love and devote themselves to another, whom merge into devoted partnership and caring commitment... no more beautiful thing can be imagined.  So do not fall to this woman's level, don't drag yourself through the mud with her.  Rise above her ignorance and show her (and all the nay-sayers) that we are better than you believe us to be.  Show her by living your life, with dignity and with the person you love. 

So since words don't mean anything and comparing gay men to a guy who held a bunch of women prisoner in his home against their will doesn't have any power, then calling Sandy Rios a small minded slaggy gash with the i.q. of a turd should not mean a thing. I could say so much more mean mean mean things about and to her, but I believe words do hurt. Her parents should be proud they raised such an ignorant daughter. What a horrible person, but there again she works for FOX NEWS...they will all have a special place together in hell, no doubt about that! I still don't get the connection between the marriage of 2 men and a guy who kidnapped and tortured women. Oh, now I get it! She is stupid and doesn't know anything!!!!! I assume someone has to dress her in the morning because the buttons are to much of a challenge for her to work alone. 

Some heterosexual couples who cannot bring life or choose not to bring life  don't have the "right kind of love"? That is what you said right you Nazi slut?

She's a dumb cunt.

Lauren Green must be exhaling a sigh of relief knowing she's YESTERDAY'S embarrassment for FOX....
... Although for that bunch, it's kinda like recycled air in the flight cabin; you know you're only gonna keep recirculating the same toxicity over and over.

what an IDIOT

Sandy Rios is an embarrassment to humans - she just knows everything about the LGBT but not  the word of Jesus.

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