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'Modern Family' Writer Hands Donald Trump His Own Ass On Twitter

Modern Family writer Danny Zuker is keeping us laughing even when one of our favorite comedies is on hiatus for summer. Following a hypocritical tweets from Donald Trump, Danny pummeled the anti-gay mogul/orangutan with a half-dozen rounds of clever artillery. 

It went down like this (click the two pics below to enlarge):

Zuker 1; Trump 0



Donald Trump's hair should crawl under the nearest rock... and take the Donald with him. (swidt)

Here's some advice, Donald -- never get into a war of wits when you're unarmed.

Donald Trump should craw under the nearest rock.......and take his hair with him.

Donald Trump is an asshole

"outsource the job to China"


love you Jonathan Higbee!!! super talented and this was very funny!!!

Trump-et is such a flaming ass, it's a major wonder his straw wig/hairpiece or whatever that thing is, doesn't burst into a raging inferno! He just has to have his mouth flapping away, saying the most ludicrous and unintelligent things, just to hear himself blathering. If only someone would pay him any attention, if only...

Not quite sure who Danny Zuker is......but he's got my follow! 

I was thoroughly entertained, thank you for that!

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