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Russian MP Pushes Law Allowing The Public Whipping Of Gays

If Alexander Mikhailov has his way, a ban on speaking against the LGBT community in public won't be the most heinously anti-gay law in Russia. Mikhailov, an MP and the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Trans-Baikal Parliament, has called for a law that would punish out members of the LGBT community with public floggings at the hands of marines. 

Citing a crackpot doctor who testified against marriage equality in Europe, Mikhailov wants the public lashings to frighten Russians into believing that homosexuality, like pedophilia (as he claims), is a "common shame."

“In Russia for many centuries the ass was used for educational purposes and not for love entertainment. So we should use it according to its intended purpose,” the MP said.

Isn't it fishy that someone who's rather obsessed with gay anal sex is pushing for the public flogging of gays by sturdy marines? Is Mikhailov attempting to play out his BDSM/voyeur fantasies under the guise of conservative bigotry? I mean, what else can explain his 18th century approach to homosexuality? 

This is exactly why the Human Rights Watch has demanded that the International Olympic Committee protect openly gay athletes from Russia's notorious homophobes next year in Sochi. 

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The Russia tries to be a "normal" country to the world - wants to be part of the World Economy, but still treats its people as almost slaves, the lack of freedom for expression is not only for LGBT people, but for everyone! You may notice that we do not see public demonstrations. Political corruption in the country is very strong and the Russian people still have much fear of their politicians. Where is the UN and human rights, we will not only boycott the games but everything is possible commercially speaking!

What next? Public executions. Words fail me! Absolutely seething! 

I think this Russian needs some dick in his life.

Alexander Mikhailov should be the one whipped in public for being such a moron!  How the Russian people can allow these vermins to govern is beyond me! Putin is no better than the communist dictators that came before him! Why aren't world leaders speaking out against these mindless laws they are enacting?

Hitler would be proud of that grotesque blood thirsty barbarian.

I guess Hitler spirit lives there... 

Sounds like someone has some SERIOUS issues to deal with . . . therapy anyone?

Wow - you think it's not going to get worse - the cray crays keeps coming.

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