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Hot Male Roommate Treated Like Meat In Heartwarming PSA

If you are or know someone who suffers from being a hot roommate, this PSA from the Kids Table Comedy Group should provide solace. 

Warning: Very NSFW (and hilarious) language inside. 



Kinda funny 

if he didn't want to be treated like piece if meat

he wouldn't go shirtless in living room with house full if people for yoga 

Being attractive is a genetic gift that has tremendous leverage in our society.   It gives those that possess it an advantage socially, emotionally, and with regard to a career.   I don't have a MOLECULE of sympathy for those who are inflicted with this advantage.   The satirical nature of this video doesn't amuse me at just re-enforces the disdain that I have for a society, and a Community that values beauty so much more than any other asset or skill that a person possesses.

its not all that great, pple look down on u as well, and r afraid to talk to u, , 2 sides to it

sorry, sounds like "the white man's burden", I'm not buying it. cry me a river...

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