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University of Missouri Students Block Westboro Protest Of Michael Sam w/ Human Wall

Mizzou, it's not cool to make us cry over the weekend! 

Missouri's KDSK 5 reports:

On Saturday, the Westboro Baptist Church came to the University of Missouri's game against Tennessee to protest football player Michael Sam's announcement earlier this week that he is gay.

Students at the university, many of them wearing "Stand with Sam" pins, formed a human wall to block off the extremist group.

We love this so much. 

Way to a take a stand for what's right against these idiots:

*Updated with video:

Good work, Mizzou!!


Image Credit: Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

(Updated with video courtesy of The Blaze/ The Gaily Grind)


The Westboro Baptists' ideology represents what a lot of people (and entire countries) still believe, so they are VERY relevant, and this protest shows why and how they must be roundly and publicly defeated at every turn.

Bravi amici!

This Baptist Church seems to be another extremist group that states they are religious. God is the only judgment of human life, not this group of extremists. Maybe they should be placed in the same group as Al Qaeda, just another cancer in our human population.

LOL i love this branch of religion their extremist who delve their God as the Merciless Killer and its border line cult mentality anything and everything is blamed on God when something goes wrong i like the latest PAX is Gods punishment for unwed people having sex without marriage under God. So i can't imagine their displeasure when they die and get judged and someone is called in to Witness for them before God for their heresy they sprouted in real life. I would so love to be there to see the outcome of Gods Judgment on these fools.

I am reassured now that I know that there were many more Christians on the side forming the wall than were protesting with Westboro.

Anyone else see the humor in the fact that years ago there were ten times more people at events like this at least and now there are three?


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