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Radio Hosts Suspended Following Homophobic Birthday Invite Hoax

Following the reveal that the homophobic response to a children's birthday party invitation was, in fact, a hoax, K-98.3 radio station in Long Island, New York has suspended the radio show hosts that perpetrated the hoax. 

The New Civil Rights Movement reports:

The WKJY Morning Show team of Steve and Leeana have been suspended after the station was alerted that the entire story had been made up. 


The radio station, K-98.3, issued a statement that said, “it was brought to K-98.3 management’s attention that all the details of the story were completely fabricated independently by Steve and Leeana. This was done without the knowledge of K-98.3 management or ownership. The story, presented as a real event, was, in fact, fictitious. An internal investigation was quickly launched which has resulted in the immediate suspension of Steve Harper and Leeana Karlson from the K-98.3 Morning Show.”

What do you think of the punishment, Instincters? How long should Steve and Leeana be off the air??


get rid of them!!!!

Oppression is not a joke.  It's not something to get excited about.  It's something to be informed about and making stories like that one up distracts from the heart of the real issues.

Fire them

HOMOPHOBIC ASSHOLES! This is obviously SOMETHING THEY FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT or they would've never made the story up. Not only should they be suspended they should do a public apology before allowing to return to "their jobs" !

This is sad, as a gay man there is already enough shite out there without stirring the pot more.  Although knowing there are hateful people out there whom would pen just such a response, there is no need to put such ideas in peoples minds in the first place making them feel in some some universe it is acceptable behavior?  It is shameful that in todays society that fame is measured by the heat of humiliation one can throw in another's direction. This level of immaturity from a "professional" company is unspeakable.  This whole thing is like something that goes on at a a small town junior high school lunch table gossip session and gets out of control until the whole town is up in arms over it ?   In my opinion if this can occur in the first place, we should be looking at if the station should even be in business at all as a profession station?

What was their reason for doing it 

This ^

Fire them......

Indefinitely...All a Company has is it's word and it's reputation. If people hired to represent them are not doing things to bring a positive light or a productive day then that Company will lose those they want to reach but also offend anyone thinking of it. It also affects Sponsors who fund them and don't want to be associated with the negativity brought on. People truly have a social responsibility if they are in a certain position. They should not have the right to abuse it like we don't expect anyone in public to do it. If it is their company and their own personal thing then they can take on the responsibility but not a radio station....

Forever. Professional integrity should be paramount. Sadly these days communicators can get away with murder easily.

Fire them......

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