Joe Simpson Takes Up Photography w/ Young Male Pal In South Beach

Joe Simpson certainly appears to be enjoying himself post-divorce! Papa Joe (dad to Jessica and Ashlee Simpson) was spotted in South Beach, Florida with a young male pal and it appears he's taken up photography!!

Everyone needs a hobby! 

Get it, Joe!


Source: Daily Mail  (H/T: Boy Culture)



I dont care if you are gay, straight, bi.. doesnt matter to me.. what a person is like inside is what matters but I have to say.. the old fashioned Italian would of loved to of been a fly on the wall when he disclosed to his very high profile family that he not only was having an affair, wanted a divorce and was gay. I think he should be who he is.. and obviously couldnt be which is I am sure why he married and had a family cuz in his day it wasnt so easy to say he was gay. However, I think it was a shock enough to his family and he could of celebrated being able to live his way alittle more discreet.. than to immediately be seen w these very very young men. IDK I just think he could of been alittle more delicate about it to his girls.. 

Oh my God, that's disgusting! A man taking a picture of another man. What is this world coming to? I vow from here on in, that I will never take a picture or even look at another man. 

p.s. Fuck Off

I'm sorry, is my freedom getting in the way of your bigotry?

Please, just let us ALL live our happiness passionately; celebrating WHATEVER Truth, Goodness, and Beauty we can surrender to in this F-D up world!

I worked in a department store a number of years ago and any time an older man purchased something expensive for a much younger woman, clerks would joke he was buying a gift fro his "niece." So maybe "Uncle Joe" is just entertaining his "nephew."

As an amateur photographer I'd have to say Uncle Joe does have his nephew in an awkward pose when he's laying in the sand, but the photo of the young man coming out of the water is a great shot.

Why is this even relevant?!

well...he at least has good taste.

id wanna take pictures too

That's one lucky joe! ;)

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