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New At Sears: "Elegant Moments" Leather Harness For Men

Just in time for Folsom, Sears has stocked its digital shelves with a new product that has left many mouths of shoppers agape. The cheekily-named brand "Elegant Moments" now offers its four piece adjustable leather harness set for men for sale on


If anything's going to make the heads of One Million Moms members assplode, it's this. 

In other words, bravo, Sears!


Is this what they meant in their commercials when they say "Come see the softer side of SEARS?"

Goodbye Husky Jeans Hello Leather Harnace Set!

already veteran*

the model is Jason Sarcinelli too.  sexy.  newcomer and already-newcomer to softcore films released by Mainline and MRG.  check them out on cinemax.

LOL...don't get overly's not SEARS, it's a marketplace vendor. Same as going to Amazon but making your purchase through a third-party vendor.

Their new slogan/motto could be; "Sears, from the brink, thanks to mild KINK"! I may spin by the mall to check out this new version of Sears just for shits and giggles.

Bravo indeed and I can't wait to see the absurd, outrageous, over-reaction of One Million Morons, oops! I mean, Moms, to this pleasant slap upside their collective, ignorant heads! And we all know where their heads are shoved now don't we?

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