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Mormon Grandma Blogger Blasts Disney's Frozen For "Attempting To Normalize Homosexuality"

Kathryn Skaggs, blogger at A Well-Behaved Mormon, sees gay people. Everywhere and in everything, apparently. Skaggs' recent blog post titled, "Frozen: Not Gonna 'Let It Go' When Movie Advocates Gay Agenda" has gone viral thanks to the grandmother's determination to interpret the film's symbolism as gay stuff. Though many, many bloggers and critics find that the storyline and soundtrack lyrics support the idea of loving yourself despite the effort society (read: people like Skaggs) puts forth in demeaning you, the mis-behaving Mormon insists Frozen is nothing but LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD TURNING OUR KIDS GAY. 

The gay agenda to normalize homosexuality is woven into Disney's movie Frozen not just as an underlying message - it is the movie. In a liberal culture tenacious at normalizing immorality, stripping those of faith from their ability to speak out in opposition, this needs to be taken seriously. It's one thing that we've all donated to the cause by makingFrozen a record-breaking hit at the box office (myself included), but that's as far it's going, for me, personally.

If you are seriously clueless as to what I'm talking about then it is imperative, particularly for morally minded parents, that you read this post and open your eyes to the homosexual agenda, and the principles advanced to promote it, that undergird Frozen, which is why it was written for Broadway and will indubitably be a hit - mark my words!


Remember, that in today's liberal society allowing almost anything, even legalizing it, in the name of "love" trumps sin - it's that powerful of an ideology. And that my friends, is exactly what Disney is selling your children, while you unknowingly standby and watch.

Skaggs goes on to point out the moments in the movie she's interpreted as carrying "homosexual undertones" [spoiler alert if you haven't seen the Oscar-nominated movie; also, sic]:

Elsa has a great power that she has been taught by her parents from the time she was a child, is not publicly acceptable and that she must fear its expression, at all cost, thus hide it from people, even her own sister who could be hurt by it - even killed. Shame is at the core of Elsa's feelings about her magical powers: same-sex attraction. 

As Elsa’s power increases, her parents’ urge her to learn how to control it, as it would be perceived as evil to others, but Elsa can't; it's impossible. Her parents' make the decision to close the castle to the public, and lock Elsa in her room so that her power won’t be discovered. Not even her sister is allowed to see and play with Elsa: demonetization of homosexuals by society.

Elsa is devastatingly lonely and depressed being forced to live a life of isolation, believing her powers to be evil. Her sister, kept from the truth, and affected by the inflicted secrecy also becomes victim to the dysfunction of her family and experiences equal isolation and confusion: not "coming out" and being who you are meant to be (acting on the power) is harmful to the person, family and society. 

Sure, these instances can be deciphered as references to anything that makes someone feel ostracized, be it class, race, illness, religion. Heck, doesn't the new war motto of the Christian homophobic movement present modern day fundamentalist bigots in this exact light? 

Skaggs insists she's not a homophobe, however. "Let me be very clear about one thing, I am not anti-gay nor am I here to judge homosexuals not worthy of their rightful and respectful place among society. However, I draw the line at the idea of redefining traditional marriage to include homosexual relationships, as equal."

If her only qualm with an American minority group is our desire for fair, equal treatment under the law and nothing more, then what the hell is her problem with a movie that, in her opinion, promotes being yourself? Frozen's messages can be interpreted in countless ways, but what would be so wrong if a kid struggling with sexuality finds parallels that align with Skagg's decoding? She would rather the kid feel demonized and suicidal than supported and loved by uplifting themes? 

The only agenda presented here is that of Skaggs, and it's so evil it might be worthy of its own Disney fairytale. 

(Editor's note: Skaggs has since disabled comments on her blog post.)


WOW, I really feel bad for this Grandmother.  For a person to be so Paranoid about anything that she now sees and interprets everything that she does see as a gay agenda then it is really sad for her.  This person needs to speak with a professional about seeing what is before her and not what she wants to see.  As a GAY Catholic I will ask God to help her and all those like her to see that above all gay people are people and as such deserve all the respect and right of people.

Poor person, she must really live in a world of hate and confusion. Such a pity 

Although I completely disagree with this woman's views I laugh at the amount of intolerance of everyone's posts.

WOW what a nutjob.  I read a bunch of posts that were spot on....this homophobic crazy religious zealot could find gay in the Bambi movie.....and people really do read her idiotic posts???  WOW

By the way, Bambi marries his cousin, Feline, lol.

Hahaha.. crazy lady. I thought only lgbt people would read FROZEN as a metaphor for the inner struggle we all go through at some point in our lives to be ourselves and "let it go". But this lady is obviously either gay herself or simply trying to hunt us down... wait... it could be both. Maybe she's mad because in her generation she had no choice but to be a closet case.
Did she even notice the change in disney's message about the stupid happily ever after philosophy they've been promoting for decades and has affected negatively generations of men and women around the world? Did she miss the empowering message for women and the compassionate version of men. Any minority can relate with this feeling of isolation from Elsa. What's next? Is she going to go against the XMen saga? Because it's clearer there and the smartypants missed it.

Tell that Mormon bimbo grandma to shut up and sit down.

I can't. This woman needs to be put in a closet and have her internet disabled. 

Okay. Holy underpant mormon mom of 2 gay sons. Some people will always have blinders on. (I knew there was a reason we liked that movie.)

Okay. Holy underpant mormon mom of 2 gay sons. Some people will always have blinders on. (I knew there was a reason we liked that movie.)

I don't care. I think its funny to see how bothered people get over silly things. It was a blog ignore it?

I really don't get the thing that she has so many possitive comments... the  post left me FROZEN, really.

No, what she really needs is someone to fuck her very hard and perhaps she will stop meddling in (interfere with) others' lives.

This lady needs to put the crack pipe down. Get a life and stop trying to pass ur beliefs on the world. U r no one special enough to do so

I'm glad she completely ignores the gay shop keeper. 

Did the dumb bitch even watch the movie? Elsa's father CLEARLY said she was "born" with the power when the troll asked "born or cursed"

since WHEN can a Mormon pass judgment on any 1 they believe that Native Americans are the descendants of the 3rd tribe of Israelites that were lost and they have they's Holy underpants i mean come on   


Jesus Christ on the cross!  I have nothing else to say...she needs a break from tabernacle and some alone time away from her sister wives...

Good article. I'm sure her blog will sell even more tickets! Geez...when will we all be at peace with each other???

After reading this I see that this lady has nothing better to do with her time, rather then sit and blog about a movie that is far from gay as I have ever seen she should call her internet provider and cancel her access to the web.  I recently seen this movie not too long ago with my family and enjoyed it very much and like the writer of this article I viewed the move as teaching people not just kids to love themselves and not to be ashamed of who they are, which in turn can cause more harm then hiding who you truly are.  Not only am I a Christian, but I am also gay at that and take serious offense to the ignorance and fear that others of my faith are spreading, and to now attack a child's cartoon is utterly ridiculous and uncalled for.

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