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Suspected Gay Men Forced To March Naked Through Nigeria's Capital Before Being Beaten By Police And Two Violent Mobs

The situation in Nigeria for its gay citizens continues to deteriorate. In early February, shortly after the African nation officially criminalized homosexuality, a suspected gay couple was forced to have sex in front of an angry mob. But late last week and over the weekend the violent mob rule intensified. 

In Abuja, Nigeria's capital, a mob of more than 50 people forced 14 suspected gay men to march through the streets naked last week. Once in the Gishiri neighborhood, the mob beat the men with nail-studded clubs, whips, iron bars and anything else that could be weaponized. Police joined the mob in beating the men, with one man nearly dying from the injuries he sustained. 

"They all had weapons," one witness said. "Some were having wires, whips. Some had broken furniture. They said they wanted to kill. They were moving around from one person's house to another."

Following the attack, the mob wrote "Homosexuals, pack and leave" on the homes of the men they assaulted. 

Saturday night, a second mob went out on a mission to rid Nigeria of its LGBT people. "We have been notified that 10 men, suspected to be gay, were rounded up and beaten last night in the town of Geshiri, near Abuja, by a mob of about 40 people," International Gay And Lesbian Human Rights Commission Executive Director Jessica Stern reported. Five of the men were apparently detained by police before being released. 

"The leaders are just watching, and now the Nigerian social fabric is being disintegrated by acts of mob violence," said human rights activist Dorothy Aken'Ova about the mob attacks. "Now we have this new category as a result of the new law. And the government is quiet."

Does the situation in Nigeria remind you of any other blemish on human history that's occurred in the past 100 years?

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PEOPLE HATED IN THE TIMES OF JESUS.. Then there is the Story of the Good SamarItan.  A lawyer asks "How do I get to Heaven."  Jesus replies: Love God, Love Neighbor, Love your self.  The Lawyer, "Who is my neighbor?" (or do I have to love anyone_)

Jesus tells of a man beaten and left to die.  Two religious leaders (learned in the Scriptures) pass by.  All words but no actions of love.

A Samaritan stops, puts the man on his animal, pays for him to get better.  What is the message of Jesus?  Bear in mind that the Samaritans were so despised that if the shadow of a Samaritan went over the shadow of a Jew, that Jew went to the Temple to be purified.  So Jesus takes the most 'unclean' unworthy and places him above the religious bible thumpers.  Jesus never calls the Samartian unclean, and later he drinks from the same cup as a Samartian woman at the well.  So just take out Samaritan and add homosexual.


President Museveni of Uganda asked for Ugandan and world opinion on homosexuality (Feb 2014) AN OPEN LETTER from over one hundredd scientists world wide (an from Uganda) stated the following;


  'Homosexuality is NOT   a) a disease b) mental illness c) a perversion *   - and - it cannot be changed, hence it is NOT a choice."   Museveni, pressured by USA sponsored evangelical churches in Uganda - and a desire for re-election, ignored these scientists.  * With regard to perversion (from Leviticus) there are over 100 abominations that modern day Christians have ignored, but like to keep the "man laying with a man."  Jesus told the Good Samaritan story where he took the most despised (Samaritans) and but the Samaritan above the bible spouting Jewish religious authorities who walked by the dying man.  In other words, you can quote scriptures like today's clergy and have no love in your heart.  God is Love.    If you are a persecuted lesbian please find a home on my site  htttp://  NOT a porn site and everyone is welcome.   "All we need is love."  Why look at a person in the sole context of sex?

GOD DESTROYED SODOM AND GORMORRAH BECAUSE OF HOMOSEXUALS.      WRONG.  They were included, but there were other reasons to destroyy both cities.

 Ezechiel 16:49

“‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. 50 They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen. 51 

St. Paul has attacked homosexuals.    No.

Paul tried to stop Temple prostitution in Greece and other places.  The belief was that if you had an orgy (men with men), women with women) and straight sex, the gods would come down and bring luck and happiness to the participants.  Paul did not comment on committed relationships between same sex couples.    Paul in Corinthians speaks of love being kind and patient, bearing no evil, and states that if we are without love with are like a changing bell.  Few extremists quote Corinthians.

Problem with Quoting Old Testament passages.

 1.    Evangelicals like to quote Leviticus that has over a hundred Abominations - some they don't keep like wearing two fabrics on the body:  sleeping with a menstrauting women.  Men are not supposed to cut hair or beard.  A woman not a virgin should be stoned.  Yet they keep "a man shall not  lay with a man." 

2.  Paul speaks that Christians are NOT under the Law (Old Testament) since Jesus came.  Therefore, why refer to Leviticus?  Jesus never mentions homosexuality but people who engage in sex with respect or commitment.  Jesus speaks of marriage as a good thing - but warns about divorce.  How many evangelicals are divorced?

3.  Why would you quote from Leviticus written 3,500 years ago, when starting a fire was done by rubbing two sticks together?  Would you go to a doctor practising medicine 3,500 years ago?

President Museveni of Uganda asked for Ugandan and world opinion on homosexuality (Feb 2014) AN OPEN LETTER from over one hundred scientists world wide (an from Uganda) stated the following;   'Homosexuality is NOT   a) a disease b) mental illness c) a perversion *   - and - it cannot be changed, hence it is NOT a choice."   Museveni, pressured by USA sponsored evangelical churches in Uganda - and a desire for re-election, ignored these scientists.  * With regard to perversion (from Leviticus) there are over 100 abominations that modern day Christians have ignored, but like to keep the "man laying with a man."  Jesus told the Good Samaritan story where he took the most despised (Samaritans) and but the Samaritan above the bible spouting Jewish religious authorities who walked by the dying man.  In other words, you can quote scriptures like today's clergy and have no love in your heart.  God is Love.    If you are a persecuted lesbian please find a home on my site htttp://  NOT a porn site and everyone is welcome.   "All we need is love."  Why look at a person in the sole context of sex?

Thank YOU Instinct for sticking including this article about your Black Gay Brothers in Africa. If you ever would consider a volunteer to work with you on Black issue's I'm available.

Again thanks for your consideration

I need a proven quote from all this people who are against with gay people,No-1 quote from bible words that's says to be in love with another man is a seen.
No-2 quote a proven statement that says gay people must treated has such.

Leave your life and forget about what others are doing. You got more important issues to worry about in Nigeria that gays.


don't they know sex between a man and another man is tantamount to denying GOD's purpose of creation?

Zaid:  a faggot is a bundle of sticks.

May God forgive you for your ignorance

This is really sad, no wonder a lot of Nigerian gays move to my country South Africa, where everyone is free to live the way he wants. And gays are even entitled to even marry. Nigeria should understand that homosexual is not something you just decide to, its something you are born with. And besides that, everyone has a right to live the way they want to. Who are they to judge Homosexuals. They highly believe in God but they don't believe in his words from bible, ''Only God can Judge, and love your neighbour

I cant believe this is happening now :(

This is deplorable !!

What can we do to stop all this ??.

This is  Nazi Germany all over !!!

It's as if Nigeria hasn't got enough on its place now it's going to start killing  jailing like Hitler in Germany all in the name of religion which God do you guys worship for God is Love without condition.  The blind leading the blind shows lack of leadership such arrogance in the midst of a disaster. It clearly shows a confused country that has got it's priorities wrong and lack of leadership

Nigerians think that somehow that they can get away with this barbarism very soon the boycotts will start we all live in a global village there are consequenses   In this age of human rights and enlightenment the blind leads the blind and there arensompround of a primitive culture no one is imposing any thing on Nigerians.   There are millions of Nigerian Homosexuals what are you going to do with them send all to the gas chambers that's devilish and not God

Such a barbaric country no one is imposing nothing on Nigeria are you going to jail millions of Nigerians who are homosexuals looks around you there are in your family probably your husband, son like Mugabe who is so homophobic it turned out that his son is gay came out openly and put Mugabe to shame that tyranny for you Nigerian should be very careful for this road leads no where but peril jus

Such a barbaric country no one is imposing nothing on Nigeria are you going to jail millions of Nigerians who are homosexuals looks around you there are in your family probably your husband, son like Mugabe who is so homophobic it turned out that his son is gay came out openly and put Mugabe to shame that tyranny for you Nigerian should be very careful for this road leads no where but peril jus

How very barbaric Nigeria aspires to a leadership role in Africa with such barbaric behavior one of the virtues of great nation is the way it's treats its citizens , irrespective of sex etc, such a judge mental, self rightoous society yet so churchous and not Godly for Goddmis love unfortunately the blind leads the blind ,ignorance bliss I guess that eventually half of Nigerians will be killed or jailed for there are million of Nigerians. show can you be proundnofna to display acts of barbarism in the name of a culture is your of the dark ages, hitll

It made my day to read an Open Letter to the President of Uganda before he signs the homophobic Bill.  Find it on the internet or on my site

The letter dispels all the gay myths.  It speaks to the Bill seriously affecting AIDS treatments.

You have to see all the prominent scientific institutions and individuals who have signed this letter.

It is amazing.  No longer can right wing nutters hand out the BS - well, they'll quote 3,500 year old Leviticus.  PLEASE READ THE BILL AND SEE THE SIGNEES.  YOU 'LL BE ON CLOUD 9

Nigeria is an oil rich country, so sanctions will not affect them.

However, they are addicted to soccer.  Nigeria has qualified to play in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup  in 2014.

Write to FIFA and ask them to boycott Nigeria.  In the 1960s FIFA boycotted South Africa for racism.  NOT a porn site

I am embarrassed that the USA is turning a blind again as they did at the start of the holocaust.  The rest of the world too.  This needs to end.  In Russia, Nigeria, Jamaica, and the whole world.  Where is the UN? Attention gays: we need to come together and figure out how to protect each other around the world before 12 million of us are gassed, tortured, burnt alive, shot, and murdered like Jews, gypsies, gays, and other groups during the holocaust.  NEVER AGAIN means NEVER AGAIN no matter if it is one person or about 7 billion(the population of the world).

hate vs love, which side are you on?

i love the  group of "straight men of god"  that  are on these sites  and pages. looking at nudes  or half nudes  and porn  of men.   then when they feel guilty  about being turned on   they start  quoting the same old  garbage  from that fantasy  comic book they call a bible.   get over it dudes  you really need to just   wank  one out  and get  over it.. if  you are here looking at half naked me then you  enjoy it.   put the book down and  put the tiara  on sisters   its time you stopped hiding behind  a broken cross.

The word "homosexual" does not appear in scripture except in the screwed up pentecostal translations and those of jihadist christians!  Perhaps these mobs should go after the closeted government officials.........who can't all possibly be straight!

Stop giving money to these sick fucks in Africa, let them die of hunger. Perhaps if they were more busy tending fields instead of beating people they would be able to not sponge off everyone else. Screw them and their hateful ways. Religious people will end up killing each other off one by one anyway by using a fictional book to hide behind. We as a world have no need for the barbaric Nigerian buffoons. They are indeed the ne Nazi's of the modern world. They need not ask anyone for help, let these hate filled people die off by way of over population and use of their own resources. They will all end up in hell for what they have done. 

You are clearly in idiot...this is wrong but ur language is insulting,.,this isn't a nation of hungry ppl with flies hovering around them, go read a book before talking...they don't depend on foreign money but gullible "sheepish" ppl like you probably believes most of everything the news tells you...most nigeriAns are not familiar with lgbt so the frown upon it but most of the country does not agree with this level of persecution. But go on being a sheep to the masses

Dear Idiot,
Who the fuck said your money saves us from hunger? Your fucking retarded media always tells you shit to are ignorant as fuck...secondly, u should not force your practices on somebody else..If you respect them as human beings you should allow them to make their own decisions and suffer their own consequences. .you have no right to judge. You are not better than anybody because somebody doesn't accept your are a fucking neo - colonialist fuck.


Let's not do name calling!  I believe there is a path of reconciliation.  Forcing anyone never works, but a general agreement on 'fair play' and abiding by the Charter of the United Nations on Human Rights allows everyone in every country - equal opportunities to live as human beings.

Where does homophobia come from?  Essentially, I think, from Christians who read the Bible, but not in its historical context. (See my blogs below)

Homosexuals do not try to turn others gay.  This is an impossibility.  Straights can't turn homosexuals straight.  Both orientations should be able to exist side by side.

We need to dialogue - not name call.

Swearing is not the answer nobody is imposing nothing on Nigeria ignorant what are you going to do with millions of Nigerian homosexuals you ignorant moron the blind leading the blind with such self rightousnid

Here's the deal. You can defend Africa on this... But look at the people who do this. Dopes who follow orders like lemmings and then have crappy food (if enough at all), diseases all over the place, and life expectancy not even close to the developed world.

There is nothing colonialist about objecting to beatings and killings of gay people. You use that word as a way to blame others for your pathetic lives with which you have nothing better to do than to attack other people for no reason.  Remember, this is the same continent that thinks it's good luck to cut the legs off of albino people and leave them to die a slow death on the streets. Seriously, people? You are so way more fucked up than some "neo-colonialist fuck" you are condoning this action by using that as an excuse.

Indeed there is nothing colonialist about objecting to beatings and killing gay is totally illogical to attack somebody due to their sexual preference...but the problem here is how this whole thing is being propagated in a society where illiteracy is somewhat high in addition to economic hardships. Most people are looking for an emotional gateway to escaped all the hardship and economic suffering and what better way is there than to feed on a topic that is very hot, politicized, and criminalized. My first comment was in response to the first user's obnoxious reference to Africa as advice is that if the lgbt want to push their agenda through (which is now unlawful) they must thread carefully otherwise they will continue to be victimized. They need experienced lobbyists who will study the situation on the ground and act on them accordingly rather than go by the imposition method of advocacy which is synonymous to 'neo-colonial' powers now.  

Ignorant FOOL / Dude,

Do you think it's right to maltreat another human being the way it's done at the moment in Nigeria? Stop your aggression against others. Same gender connection have always being in every culture. I'm a Nigerian, so please don't dare to say homosexuality isn't African or the sort. Every human being should be allowed to live as long as they are not hurting others.

This is a situation where some ignorant, useless and weak minded men pounce  on others to prove their manhood/strength. What a shame at this time and age. There are more urgent problems to be solved. Don't you think so instead of being an HYPOCRITE?

Leviticus 20:13
"If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense."  amen

Which God do you worship literal conservative reactionary interpretation of the scriptures for God I'd love and his love is unconditional.  Christianity is not an indigenous African religion was brought by colonialist to Africa t now you are teaching those that taught that good is nothing but love. The blind leading the blind.  Slavery was carried out in the name of God so was colonialism apartheid in South AfricA all in Gods name leave God alone to judge 


Hey Dylan-

You eat pork? Shellfish? Wear a garment woven with 2 types of material? You are aware that the Old Testament states that these are not allowed as well? You do any work on the Sabbath? People were put to death for these things. and i'm sure you have at least 1 or 2 items in your closet that are a cotton/poly blend. we all know that your underwear is made of cotton and elastic.

You need to pay more attention in church. Major rule is to not judge.


dylan doesnt go to church  dylan is  just another  closet case  so called christian who spends all day looking up gay articles  and pictures and  gay porn so he can wank one out ,  then feel guilty about it  so he  starts spewing   the same old bible  song.  he really needs to get laid  in some gay bar  he might snap out of it . 


If you base your Christianity on an American showbusiness model, you will dance like little bitches to whatever your American "Christian" religion-business masters tell you is important. 

Christianity, unlike homosexuality, is completely un-African. But you all loved the first round of colonial missionaries so much that you invited a second wave from America of your own free will.

@"Jesus was Neither" Perfect comment!! Thank you for your clarity and acute conscience! If only more people could be that smart!....

There appears to be a lot of negative attitude regardless of personal opinions, beliefs or morals ....... why the need to judge others if we don't like being judged ourselves???  . Anyone who treats another being in such a dire and unjust way will receive the negative karma back one way or another. 

These sub humans that beat this group of men are nothing less then savages and they need their asses beat just like they eat these men then throw them in jail FOREVER!! This is inhu,mane treatment and definite violation of Human Rights. Where are the Human Rights agencies in this particular. This type of violence against gays is NOT acceptable and the entire WORLD should be disgusted and outraged that this is allowed to happen to anyone who identifies as gay or lesbian.

Okay, who are you to judge another man. Are so perfect and righteous? This is sickening, to know that I live in a world with people who have this much hate and intolerance for others. You wanna use the bible and God to justify your acts, but even the bible say, " love thy neighbour as yourself." I'm honestly so disgusted.

World will be better without religious


I am sorry that people are offensive to ALL Nigerians and vice versa.  We need to dialogue respectfully without name calling.

 I think we should examine the words "values and culture".

What are some values that straights and gays cherish:  I think they are:  dignity of all humans, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly - honesty, truth and generosity.  Add: kindness, tolerance, non-violence.  Throw in:  love of God, love of neighbor, love of self.  Don't forget: feed the poor, look after the sick and widows.  Important other values:  education, love of country.

Sometimes, we forget that values are shared by most people.  When you take a value and twist it...non-violence and turn it into violence, or tolerance and turn it into hatred....then the value ceases to be a value.  Would you agree  Onuche?

We should not be pitting West versus Africa.    This is a global world filled with technology - where ideas are celebrated.  We can both learn from one another.

Another point, this is a universe truth and based on the United Nations Charter, NO ONE country, NO Religion, NO culture, NO cult - has the right to deprive another human being of basic rights.  Nigeria and the world must allow everyone these basic human rights.

Let's work together. Dialogue brings education to BOTH sides.  Peace, Love and Joy to all of the earth's children.

You will erase "Western negative influence" and then beg us for drugs, food and disaster assistance. Ugh. If you think African resources are necessary for our ought to think about it the other way around.  Westerners will live a lot longer with out resources from Africa than Africa can lives without resources from the West. 

Defend away and die in poverty.... stand by your principles in your shoeless feet and tattered clothes and governments that don't care.  If they did, would Africa be the hell hole that it is now?

Perhaps the most interesting part of your comment is the fact that you speak from a colonized mentality.  Before becoming a port through which other people from African nations were sold, the people of that land held views that embraced all acts of love.  Before greed swept in and aided mental illness in the form of violence, caring for family was just that.  Misplaced interpretations of colonialism masking as Christianity is your current state of existence.  Getting rid of Western influences is not your problem ONUCHE.  Your challenge is to rid your heart and that of your people of Northern influence.  U.S.A., Canada and the western hemisphere are all but colonies.  The original invaders are right at your doorstep.  It is always easy to look outside but take care of home first, Brother.  Your violent reaction is planned and celebrated by those who are so excited to erase you and your people from every inch of existence.  Your actions support your demise and have no real reflection on Nigeria but on the success of those who own that land and that place in your mind and spirit.

Africa is a dirt hole long forgotten. You only have a bit of oil and we already take that.

This is so sad...cnt believe that africa is turnin against their own people just because of their sexuality...wish there was sumthing that cud be fiance and I r gettn married this year but it kills me to knw that there r some gay,or like me lesbian couples that cud nva get married!....jst sad ryt nw...*pls God help us,hear us wen we call yur name pls*....I pray for those gay ppl at nigeria and think that we as south africa must take a stand...

Bravo to the angry mob job well done!!!

And who comes to UK as immigrant from Nigeria? I was already verbally abused by Nigerian man because I am gay... Remember it, before government let more Africans comes to us...

So every African is like the guy who verbally abused you? How very small minded of you. What about the  'sad gays' in those countries, who's lives are being ruined by every kind of abuse possible, should the government not allow them in either? I know ignorance is bliss, but think of the magnitude of that statement.

Sick cunts, come to new Zealand and try spread your digusting hate.... You realise you are the ones going to hell? You gonna be right next to hitler as you are no better then him! Seriously come to nz bitchs we will fuck you up! I love LGBT!! SUCK MY DICK

HAHA the best comment on here.

1. Because i live in NZ

2. Because it's true

Just one question "When did you choose to be straight?" Why do all the straights think it is a choice?

We are not going to accept this devilish Babylonian life style in our countries (Africa) Americans can accept but don't expect the whole world's disquieting and immoral for another man to have sex with another man...that's why Africa has refused this madness...those men are lucky they were not killed...

WHY all these HATRED fellow African? Because a guy loves a guy? Does that hurt you in any way or disturbs you from living your life? When did you decide or choose to be an heterosexual? Can you imagine there are others like those maltreated men who discovered their sexuality just like you? What is the problem here? Why are the mobs not attacking the leaders for STEALING money and enriching themsleves? Funny world. Go deep within yourself and you'll notice the countless Babylonian characteristics in you - A POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK !!!

Like I said, Africa is a dirt hole long forgotten. You have a few resources like oil. But we already take that. Be judgemental. You just do it in a forgotten dirt hole. Enjoy :)

and that's why you African should live in absolute poverty and be miserable and Europeans and Americans live in comfort! continue being an ass hole you moron! 

ahahahah................Really...?.... you fucking live in comfort?

Say your city and i will name 10 places where pple live on food stamps.

If Polygamy is forbidden in your country...and we have no right to push for it..... stick ur ass there and dont fucking come here...!!!

We have food stamps. Africa has people dying of starvation on the side of the road. I'll take the former over the latter every time.

Who said you can't push for polygamy? You can advocate whatever you want in the's not like backwards places that treat gays like you do.

Speak for yourself, sir or ma'am. Not Africa. You do not represent all of Africa's wonderfully diverse people and ways of life. What is reprehensible is that you impose your moral sensibilities without hesitation on everyone else. How do you know it is 'immoral' for a man to have sex with another? The Bible? Your culture? Your 'conscience'? Whatever the case may be, these abused men hold the same existential right to look into their experiences and judge it appropriate to engage in any sexual manner they please. I am African, 'straight' and married with a kid, and think being gay is beautiful - not because I will ever have a homosexual relationship, but because I am 'humble' enough to recognize the world does not revolve around me and my beliefs.

Romans 1:26-28

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. amen

God is dead. You killed him by CHOOSING to interpret the holy writings in this terrible, inhuman way.

Excuse me! Your god may be dead,but never ever say God is dead anymore. Cos its only fools who say that. Get it?

thats what should be done. filthy faggots must be punished. homosexuals should be jailed.they can shag eachother in prison but not in the outside world. we dont need more cases of aids. yuck . disgusting

Dylan, you are so gross. 

stop being rude

only after YOU stop. :)

You do know research was done in to aid and hIv and it show the straight community has more people with aids and hiv the the LGBT Community so mate it's people like you that should be beating

You do know research was done in to aid and hIv and it show the straight community have more people with aids and hiv then the LGBT Community so mate it's people like you that should be beating

You are the fucking yuck ones... Come to our country of new Zealand and try spread your hate! We will fuck you up and leave you lying in the streets naked and see how you like it! Noone or nothing deserves what those animals are doing you are all sick and worse then hitler... Take a long look in the mirror you sick homophobic cunts!!

According to the bible, all sin are equal but the word of God did mandate that we love our neighbor as ourselves. Beating and shaming does not change anything, what is the different between stealing and fornicating? we are all sinners saved by grace. Yes, we are Africans but does that give us a reason to judge others.. Please before you throw stones, examine yourself.

When you react like you do on some of these posts, you are giving them what they want. I learned a long time ago just walk away. Someone that acts so vile is either closeted, or ignorant on the topic. You cannot teach were there is the inability to learn. You can just hope and pray they  are sterile and cannot I just cracked myself up...It just goes to show you as gays we are not truly free till we are all free globally... We are just privileged to be living in a Heterosexual world.

Just released this week.   20+ scientists have located a gene in the mother (SQ28) that is attached to one of her chromosones that defines the babies' sexual orientation.  Also certain hormones in mothers' womb contribute to orientation.  Not a choice.  The evil ones will face Karma on earth and severe judgement when their final day comes.                     Vanderbilt University 10 year study.

There is only 1 that should/can judge "any1" & e every1 that took part n those beatings will have 2 answer 4 their actions!! Its sooo sad that ppl r still displaying signs of hatred n this day & age!! Let ppl live & love how they live & who they love...who r we 2 judge sum1's life or life style!! & no I'm not gay...I am human!! My <3 goes out 2 them!!

Being Gay is not being African... the west shoud stop pushing this shit down to us in Africa cos even if we catch you doing this in Africa your treatment will be far worse than our own.... this is a warning to all fucking Gays out there who think they can  come to indoctrinate us in this diabolical act of Sodomy...

If your fathers anfd Mother are Gay then who born you?? DOG???? Wise up idiots.....

You are so wrong, being gay has always been part of African culture. Look back in your own history and stop pushing your sick religion.

The Bible is imported into Africa by missionaries, It was never part of African culture. It was brought to Africa by Europe. Now get your facts straight.

Furthermore the bible has been so mistranslated. The original translations referred to men who masturbate, The argument was that all people masturbate, so the word was changed to mean homosexual. Even the St James Bible starts off by stating that it still needs lots of work to correct it. Look in the front of you st James Bible.

So please try and use your brain, otherwise you are proving that black people are stupid and only good to be used as slaves. do you really want to go back to thst.

If Africa wants the west out..... THEN QUIT TAKING THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN AID FROM THE WEST!!!!!!! Furthermore, Since most of the Africans claim to be heterosexual, what are you doing to stop the spread of aids in your country? It has the highest reported cases of aids in the world! And where do you go to for help? The west! And where does millions of dollars given to your country in medications, medical help, food, etc. come from? Gay people in the west!!!!!!! The gay communities in the west raise more money to help fight HIV and aids then any other community! If you want to beat gay people (40 or 50 people with weapons beating very few gay men who are restrained and stripped so they can't fight back), then quit taking our money and see how well you save your children for whom you gave a death sentence without any chance of a decent life by randomly spreading aids without any thought to do anything to prevent this travesty!

Someone like you needs to be vanquished from living in society. You are HATE you are IGNORANCE you are EVIL. Good luck with that!

You are a fucking Asshole. go kill yourself. I hope an awful destruction come upon all of you who beat and kill these men for no reason at all. I hope a hurricane come and wipe your asses out. But spare the gay men and Women there.

How dare you decide for God who gets to live and die. You are full of hate. May all the hate you give be revisited on you. I don't have to wish this on you. You are bringing it on yourself. It's okay to be gay. It is not a threat to you or your disgusting ego. Too bad you didn't learn anything about love. Welcome to the global community. 

Why are you so hateful? As many Africans are supposed to be Christian your behavior is anything but. You chastise the homosexuals but what about the other morally depraved adulterers? What about the men and women having sex outside of marriage? All equally as gross.  You may not like their acts but The Bible says: “Honor men of allsorts” or, as Today’s English Versionrenders it, “Respect everyone.” (1 Peter 2:17) Therefore, Christians are not homophobic. They show kindness to all people, including those who are gay.—Matthew 7:12

U absolutely son or girl of a bitch! People like u should be stoned to death! Who have birth to u a pig! Or a shit bag of a cunt! U make me sick! Just wish there was rule that anyone homophobic in any country that the gays and lesbian groups can torture you disgusting dogs! And abuse u to a point u nearly dying! Fuck u and ur ducking rule and go and get ur mum to fucking shit on and and knock some shit of true 21st venture facts into u! 

Keep your continent!!! And don't be so proud of it....Rwanda? Sierra Leone? Congo????? Killing millions for being of a different ethnic group? Female mutilation? Selling your own people as slaves to the slave trade? Mass rapes???

You are the most disgusting, stupid, evil, dirtiest and nastiest scumbag, douchebag, son of a bitch, fucker, asshole, imbecile, idiot ever to comment on this page. Congratulations on being the piss, shit and scum of the earth.

Stop associating the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah with homosexuality. Those cities were destroyed because of the residents inhospitable acts towards the Angels of God who were visiting. Read the Bible and know for yourself, stop letting some homophobic religeous kook make you believe lies!

I don't believe in the cruelty that is being done but Sodom and Gomorrah was being destroyed bc of the sodomy goinh on with homosexual acts of anal and heterosexual acts of things such as oral sex. The angels were sent there bc Abraham pleaded to spare Lot amd his family. The fact that the angels were almost rapes by the men there just further shows the sinful acts of those lands. So comparing now a days to a modern sodom and Gomorrah is right & Im NOT agreeing At All to the way homosexuals are being treated there but if you are going to tell someone to read their bible, then your facts should be sufficient as well.

"'Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were
arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and
needy." Ezekiel 16:49 The sin was arrogance,gluttony,showing no compassion and not helping the poor. Time for you to read your bible correctly. Also:

DEUTERONOMY 7:3 No marriage shall be sanctioned of people of different races.

DEUTERONOMY 13:13-17 A town that allows the practice of more than one religion must be burned to the ground and its citizens slaughtered
DEUTERONOMY 22:13-21 A woman not a virgin on her wedding night must be executed
DEUTERONOMY 22:28-29 A virgin who is raped must marry her rapist
KINGS 11:2 No marriage shall be sanctioned of people of different races.
LEVITICUS 18:19 A married couple who have sexual intercourse during a woman's period shall both be executed.
LEVITICUS 20:9 "Anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death."
MARK 12:18-27 If a man dies childless, his widow is ordered to have intercourse with each of his brothers in turn until she bears her deceased husband a male heir."
MATTHEW 5:28 No marriage shall be sanctioned for any man who has had sexual thoughts of any woman other than his intended.
MATTHEW 5:32 No marriage will be sanctioned between people who have been divorced.
Why aren't people who are so concerned about the bible ever talking about or following this? I eagerly await your hate filled response that does not in anyway address any of the above mentioned verses.

Actually it is you that needs to read the bible,  but read the text with a modern translation and stop trying to use a Victorian English translation (many bibles are based on the inaccurate King James version) which distorted many parts of the bible including what happened in Sodom & Gomorrah.  I am so tired of people either using incorrect translations or selectively quoting the bible to support their perverse views on life (not just those who are anti-gay)

What? Suspected??? So they have no concrete evidence that they are gay and they  put these men, these humans, these brothers, uncles, sons, cousins through this? Reading articles like this make me so sad. Why are we as a human race so awful to each other? My heart breaks. 


I understand that Nigeria might be bidding to host the Commonwealth Games.  There is no way anyone in the Commonwealth should go to a country where homophobia is tolerated, let alone one where it is sanctioned officially by the Government.  The people beating up people because of the way they love are inhuman.  Nigeria should be expelled from the Commonwealth for this.

Agree. No way should they be selected to host any international event.

Why aren't the Catholic and Protestant priests and Ministers speaking out against these barbarian beatings?

U dey craze, abi?

I'm from the UK and the LGBT community is treated fairly here !!! they can walk around like any other people !! i just cant understand this ! BLACK PEOPLE were treated real bad in till they got there rights ! so they should be the ONES to know what it feels like to be treated as if your not normal !!!! the African countries need to be forced to create new laws !! against this !! so should all other countries that currently don't have any! RUSSIA should NOT be able to hold the Olympics, because they don't accept LGBT people in their country !! this makes me sick, all of this !! why would GOD create gay people if he didn't love them like everyone else !! he loves us all equally !!!! 

#gaypride #gayrights-worldwide #gaymarraige #respect #LGBT 

No offense meant, but if you so know about God, His creations and His purpose for creating them, you would know that it was because of acts such as this that caused Him to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Don't kid yourself, the greatest wrong you can do is to lie to yourself: He made them man and woman. If He wanted 'gayism', He would've made them, and even the flowers would be gay. Don't get it twisted but like gold, the truth cannot be tarnished.

No offence meant, but if you so know about god then you should also know that there were far more compelling reasons as to why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. It is clearly stated what the sins were:"'Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters werearrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and
Ezekiel 16:49 The sin was arrogance,gluttony,showing no compassion and not helping the poor. Please do tell me you interpretation of this verse.

If you believe in the words that you preach so much, why do you hide your name? You should not act so cowardly. If you believe that God did not create Gay men, then who created me? I can assure you, the words in which you write are misguided. Can you imagine how over populated this world would be if there were no gay people? What I will tell you though, spreading hate is not an act of god in anyway shape or form. I am a gay man, I'm am proud to be who I am, I am a kind person who gives to those who are less fortunate when I can, and I'm not rich by any means. Until the world learns to accept the differences that make us unique, we as a race will never be able to move past our differences. Who you choose to love, whether it is a man or a woman is your business, not mine. We do not choose who we are attracted to, we are born with. I did not choose to be ridiculed as a child, to be harassed as teenager or beaten because I enjoyed it. I choose to stay true to myself, I can not live a lie and be someone that I am not because someone else disapproves of who I am attracted to. Whether someone is black, white, gay, transgendered, female, Indian, or whatever features that make them unique, we are all Human. My name is Christopher Vingoe and I'm not afraid to stand up for my right to be treated as such. You my dear friend, can continue to hate in your anonymous little corner, for one day Karma will come back and repay the hate that you dish out. 


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