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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's Former Chief Of Staff Sent This Disgusting Homophobic, Racist Email

With eyes on 2016, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been trying his best to not follow Chris Christie's embattled footsteps. A state court's dump of more than 25,000 emails from an investigation into the use of government money for Walker's campaigns unfortunately hasn't helped the republican's big ticket dreams. 

Among other intercepted messages that may have drastic implications for Walker was one glaringly disgusting email sent by Thomas Nardelli titled "The Nightmare." Nardelli served as chief-of-staff during Walker's early political career before becoming one of Walker's full-time consultants. The racist, homophobic, antisemitic and ableist email, which appears to be a forwarded "joke" will leave you with the same face plastered on Walker above. 


In the nightmare I found myself nude in bed, and I was looking at a mirror on the ceiling, and I discovered that I am a Negro, and I’m circumcised!

Quickly I sat up, found my pants and looked in the pockets to find my driver’s license photo and it was that same color, black.

I felt myself being very depressed, downcast, sitting in a chair.

But it’s a wheelchair! That means, of course, besides being black and Jewish, I’m also disabled! I said to myself, aloud “This is impossible! It’s impossible that I should be black and Jewish and disabled!” “It's the pure and holy truth,” whispers someone from behind me. I turn around, and it’s my boyfriend.

Just what I needed!!! I am a homosexual, and on top of that, with a Mexican boyfriend.

Oh, my God .... Black, Jewish, disabled, gay with a Mexican boyfriend, drug addict, and HIV-positive!!!

Desperate, I begin to shout, cry, pull my hair, and Oh, nooooo...I’m bald!!!

The telephone rings. it’s my brother. He is saying, ‘Since mom and dad died, the only thing you do is hang out, take drugs, and laze around all day doing nothing. Get a job, you worthless piece of crap... Any job!’

Mom? Dad? Nooooo ... Now I’m also an unemployed orphan! I try to explain to my brother how hard it is to find a job when you are black, Jewish, disabled, gay with a Mexican boyfriend, are a drug addict, HIV positive, bald, and an orphan, but he doesn’t get it.

Frustrated, I hang up. It’s then I realize I only have one hand!!! With tears in my eyes, I go to the window to look out. I see I live in a shanty-town full of cardboard and tin houses! There is trash everywhere.

Suddenly I feel a sharp pain near my pacemaker.... Pacemaker??

Besides being black, Jewish, disabled, a fairy with a Mexican boyfriend, a drug addict, HIV positive, bald, orphaned, unemployed, an invalid with one hand, and having a bad heart, I live in a crappy neighborhood.

At that very moment my boyfriend approaches and says to me, ‘Sweetie pie, my love, my little black heartthrob, have you decided what you are going to wear to Washington to see Obama?’

Say it isn’t so!!! I can handle being a black, disabled, one-armed, drug-addicted, Jewish homosexual on a pacemaker who is HIV positive, bald, orphaned, unemployed, lives in a slum, and has a Mexican boyfriend, but please, Oh dear God, please don’t tell me I'm a Democrat!

Chris Christie's gotta be doing a happy dance right now.

BuzzFeed's Evan McMorris-Santora was the first to post the email, was forwarded to an undisclosed amount of Walker's campaign staff, including deputy chief-of-staff, Kelly Rindfleisch.

(Via BuzzFeed)


I'm glad this was a nightmare. I feel good for the Jews, blacks, disable people, Latino that they don't have to be a stupid, ignorant, frustrated and looser crap as this brainless politician. Thank God was a nightmare!

This is the new Republican. Complete uncivilized trash.

what a complete nob.

Is anyone at home, mentally, these days?  This has been the most prolonged period of nothingness, with no cooperation from congress, and nothing offered to benefit the working class citizens of this nation.  Week to week, it's simply more dumb ass B.S. to read, like this madness.  And still the displaced workers of America suffer with no jobs, or no adequate pay, and no relief in either area in sight.  My country tis of thee, ......sweet land of liberty, ......of thee I sing!

Whew, they missed me. I'm an old, ugly, criminally unethical, diabetic with bad eyesight.  I feel wonderful today! 

And Bald?!  Holy cow. Now I'm pissed. 

Thomas Nardelli is a hack, and I'm not sure how this is indicative of Gov. Walker's views in the least.  It was Walker that in the last few weeks suggested his fellow Republicans temper their views on social issues and focus instead on proposals for the economy which, last I looked, still sucks.

What   the liberals  can dish it out  but cannot take it!   

Big deal!

this guy is such an ignorant fool--so bigoted--and why we would assume that just because he was circumsized that he was Jewish--he certainly would not be welcome in the Democratic party--would love to see that day when he would not be welcome in the republican't party as well

It's tacky and insensitive, but it's basically the chief of staff being an idiot and clicking the Forward button on an email he shouldn't have forwarded on work email. I'm sure there are other things that reflect more directly on Walker than this.

This should show how ignorant conservative people can seem. This is another example. Thank goodness the media does publicize these stories.

These people are truly pathetic and i love the exposure the internet provide us with so that these pigs can't hide this shit anymore.

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