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Pussy Riot Releases 'Putin Will Teach You How To Love The Motherland' Protest Video

On the heels of their arrest this week and later their assault by the Russian militia, Pussy Riot has released their video for "Putin Will Teach You How To Love The Motherland," describes as an "Olympics-centric protest song."

The video includes footage from their assault. Watch.

Pussy Riot writes in the video's description:

Freedom to all political prisoners on the May 6 case, to the environmentalist Evgeny Vitishko and all other political prisoners! See you at the Zamoskvoretsky court in Moscow on February 21 at 12.00 - when the judge will start to read the sentence for the May 6 case.

The members of Pussy Riot are fearless and show no signs of backing down. What do you think of their latest statement, Instincters?


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They are the winston of 1984. :) don't follow the crowd blindly. Fight for your freedom.

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