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Pussy Riot Members Whipped, Pepper Sprayed In Sochi By Russian Militia

The Russian government (and its media arm Russia Today) are erasing the evidence, but word that members of Pussy Riot have been assaulted by a government-sanctioned militia has managed to spread. 

NBC News reports:

Russian Cossacks used whips and pepper spray Wednesday to attack members of Pussy Riot, the protest punk band opposed to President Vladimir Putin, a filmmaker traveling with the band said.

The filmmaker, Simon Ostrovsky, said on Twitter that members of the band were putting on their trademark colorful balaclavas, getting ready to do a song in downtown Sochi, when they were jumped.

The Associated Press reported that police arrived and questioned witnesses but made no arrests. One male member of the band was left bloodied after the attack by the Cossacks, militia sometimes used by Russian authorities to patrol streets, the AP said.

Video of the attack (which has been deleted from Russia Today's coverage) below. (Warning: It's obviously an unsettling clip.)


As Joe My God notes, International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams could care less about people being whipped and assaulted on Winter Games turf.


As we reported Tuesday, members of Pussy Riot were preemptively detained in jail on fake charges of robbery ahead of what authorities described as a "planned protest."




Well that was ugly.It's quite abominable that uniformed thugs are allowed to attack people under color of authority.I guess Russia never claimed to be a democracy.

I can't stand it when someone tries and make an official statement and they stutter.
Clearly, they are either lying or unaware of the facts. In this case, IOC committee member can take his words and shove them up his...

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