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NYT: International Olympic Committee Itself Could Send Pro-Gay Athletes Home From Sochi

On top of being concerned with being arrested while in Russia, LGBT athletes and their allies at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi have to avoid the ire of the International Olympic Committee, too, it seems. 

According to the New York Times:

Just as Russia now prohibits “propaganda” in support of “nontraditional” sexual orientation, the Olympic charter prohibits athletes from making political gestures during the Winter and Summer Games.

So it is entirely possible that any bobsledder or skier wearing a pin, patch or T-shirt in support of gay rights could be sent home from Sochi, not by Russian authorities, but by another group that suppresses expression: the International Olympic Committee.

Would the I.O.C. inflict such a public-relations disaster on itself? Perhaps not. But Olympic officials worldwide, including those in the United States, along with NBC and corporate sponsors, have put themselves and athletes in an awkward position by only tepidly opposing the Russian law that bans “homosexual propaganda.”


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This is such a sad situation, the Athletes have trained for this moment in time. Russia with her homophobic laws and lies makes it hard for peaceful pro gay equality statements. The IOC are a bunch of stupid old fools they have forgotten what their charter is all about. Like before the second world war, they are too stupid to say anything, they would rather encourage the Russian government. What they should be doing is moving the games to an alternative and making a statement that until such time as the homophobic laws are removed, Russia will be unable to take part in the Olympics. Just like they did to South Africa, to end Apartheid. Come on you idiots, do the right thing, and do it now.

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