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Gay Porn Star Josh Logan Arrested & Charged With Murder

John Snavely a.k.a. Josh Logan (for gay fans) or Champ (for straight fans) has been arrested and charged with murder in Florida. 

Police allege that Snavely agreed to escort services for Sam Del Brocco, a D.C.-based marketing exec who was visiting his Pompano Beach, Florida vacation home, in 2010. After what is being alluded to as a "dispute over money," authorities charge that Snavely stabbed Del Brocco to death in a horrific crime scene that spreads over three floors of an apartment building. 

Miami's CBS affiliate reports:

“Physical evidence collected by our crime scene detectives in 2010 ultimately is what lead to the arrest of Mr. Snavely,” said BSO Homicide Detective John Curcio. “It was not only inside the crime scene but in the victim’s vehicle as well.”

Broward Sheriff’s investigators said there was a violent struggle between Del Brocco and his killer.

“To realize that the whole fight may have taken place on three different floors, it’s a horrific thing. Someone was bound and determined that they were not going to leave until Sam was dead,” said Greg Czarnecki, a friend of Del Brocco.


A "DC-based marketing exec who was visiting his. . .vacation home", huh? Betcha he was a cheap-assed Repbulican who stiffed him for the money. Betcha, betcha, betcha. . .

Were seamen samples were collected ?

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