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"Best Gay Bar In The World" The Abbey Bans Anti-Gay State Legislators

The tables are being turned on anti-gay state legislators, that is if they can even still get a table. L

Last week, Arizona pizzeria Rocco's catapulted to viral fame after deciding to refuse service to state legislators who approved a disturbing gay segregation bill. 

Now, West Hollywood's The Abbey (known as "Best Gay Bar In The World") has announced a new policy completely banning state lawmakers who vote for similar legislation from the venue. According to a press release, headshots of legislators who voted in favor of Kansas House Bill 2453, Arizona Senate Bill 1062, Idaho House Bill 426, Ohio House Bill 82 along with other similar proposals in Tennessee, Utah, South Dakota, and Oregon will be on hand with The Abbey security at the door. 

“When we banned bachelorette parties, we got calls from every red state with people saying they would never come to The Abbey.  We got calls from blue states complaining about fighting discrimination with more discrimination.  I’ve learned that I can’t stop crazy, ignorant or stupid but I can stop it from coming through my doors,” said David Cooley, Founder of The Abbey.  “I live in the ‘Real America’ too and more importantly, I live in the real world. I want to send a message to all those people out there who conflate Christian values with discrimination: we don’t want your kind here.”

In the announcement, The Abbey also encourages other service industry brands to follow its lead and turn away state legislators. Will others follow? 

What do you think of The Abbey's decision to ban a group of people?




Evil begets Evil.

I think in any other situation it would be unethical, but maybe if they get a taste of it they will feel differently. 

How about when a bar charges more money to another gender?

a. Straight bars frequently have a 'ladies night' or women always get in free, but men never do. Does that 'deterrent' equate to a partial turning away of someone for any reason?

b. Gay bars typically don't like straight girls coming in (generally in packs, not individually with a gay friend). Some gay bars charge a higher cover for females. Does that 'deterrent' equate to partially turning away of someone for any reason?

This has been going on a long time but the right hot button hadn't been pushed yet. Lets strive for open access for all. As a gay man at least this is my observation at least here in New York.

If the bigoted fags making these laws are kept out of gay places, there may not be many people in there.   How many of the Christian Right are fags anyway?

youre language is disgusting to begin with. you need a good bitch slapping

great publicity 

we need to ban them from airport restrooms in order to get them angry

As if they visit the Abbey on a regular basis, uhm yeah right!

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Well... yeah... I think it's unlikely most anti-gay legislators spend much time if any at all in West Hollywood to begin with.

They are happy to Tax us and take our money which ever way they can even happy for us to work for them but raise the issue of equality and they use there bigitoded views to keep us down 

I love it. It gets them the publicity they deserve.

Good on them good for Goose good for Gander, don't use religious beliefs for your small mind thinking God preached Love Tolerance and Acceptence to all no matter what faith, cultural beliefs, gender sexuality and disability 

I think it's awesome! Fuck all those bigoted assholes. Give them a taste of their own medicine

Publicity stunt, pure and simple.

Wrong dude. It's making a statement. You fuck with us we're gonna give it right back

I see what you're saying, but if they voted against gays why would they be affected by being banned from a gay bar? Im sure its a very minimal amount of these fucktards that go there, if any at all.

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