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Awards Show Host & Presenter Share Steamy Kiss At The Brit Awards

We need more of this kind of action during American awards ceremonies. (We're looking at you, Oscars!!) 

Brit Awards host James Corden shared quite the passionate lip lock with Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw during the show last week! 

Grimshaw came out to announce the winner for International Female Artist, saying:

"Can we have a round of applause for James Corden, everyone? Last year we made out, I'm hoping we can go to second base this year."

Apparently Corden was more than willing to make his wish come true! Watch!

Corden's kiss did the job, leaving Grimshaw momentarily flustered before he said:

"We can be happy together! Just leave your wife! We can bring that child up on our own."

Any requests on who should lock lips at the Oscars this weekend, Instincters?


The funny thing is that they´re totally straight. Wish more straight guys get to be so confident about their sexuality like those guys, this world would be a far happier place to live.

hope they are - hope they can be happy together without media scrutiny and public pressure! all the best boys xx

All the teen wolf cast!!! 

Just make sure they bring back and include Colton Haynes....let the makeout begin...

Matthew McConnaughey and Jake Gyllenhal!!

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