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UK Panel Show Takes On Sexual Objectification In The Sexiest Way!

It's official! We're moving to the UK. 

British comedy panel show Argumental took on the subject of sexual objectification in the sexiest way possible.

Let's take a look at stripper Kieran Hayler! (Loving the cheeky naval costume!)

Looks like our ship has come in, Instincters!


(H/T: AntiTwink)


looks like someone is skippging Legday...

As perfect as Kiern is, I think Jack Whitehall is better looking, sexier, and even hotter.

Here's the home made sex video he did with his porn star ex-gf

you're welcome :)

Alright, so here's the home made sex video he did with his porn star ex-gf

What bothers me is how the men sitting in back have to make such a show of how revolted they are: it's a subtle but pervasive form of homophobia, this idea that 'straight' men find the male body so revolting, no matter how perfect.

It's usually those that protest the most that are most turned on.

I've seen his porn... trust me... "it's a mouthful!"

I used to workout right next to him at my local gym.

He hasn't been hiding at all, he was a strippper. And, he's married to Katie Price, her 3rd husband. LOL !!! He's all over the tabloids.

Jack Whitehall stole the show, as usual. Funniest men in UK no doubt

Jack Whitehall is great (the man making the case for the Red Team) is hilarious too!. 

I want to so move to England

Omg Kieran Hayler where have you been hiding you naughty hot ass british boy. Hahaha

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