Alleged Pic Of Tom Daley's Naked Butt Debuts On Instagram


Guess we'd better keep those bathroom doors locked! An alleged photo of Tom Daley and his wet naked bum made its way onto Instagram allegedly courtesy of his friend Sophie Lee.

The pic was quickly deleted, but, ya know, the internet.

Here it is for posterity:

We'll need to see more evidence!


(H/T: OMGBlog / Huff Po UK)


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It's just a butt people, we all see them all the time. Yes it's cute, but it's just a butt.

His facebook page has a photo of him with a female friend - she appears to be the same woman as in the butt pic.  Hope that the link works:

Impossible.  Tom's got thicker, hairier legs.  But this guy definitely does have a nice backside. ;)

her finger obscures part of his beefy thighs, that's why it doesn't totally look like his cute bod.

also, the steamed glass blurs his hairyness. though he has his swim briefs on, i think the front shot is far sexier.

Regarding the previous comment, the issue had little to do with nudity or shame regarding nudity. Tom Daley did not leak the picture, and it was taken down almost as soon as it was posted, so he may not be laughing, and while it is true that Europeans do not get as hung up about sex as Americans do, that's true for certain continental countries, England is not as live and let live as let's say France, so it's not a hung up American issue.

You are absolutely right. i was raised un Europe

What the FK are people so concerned whether someone famous goes nude or not. I personally look forward to the times when if a famous person is nude or was caught having sex, people will enjoy it - at least most people - as opposed to the stupid approach of seeing sex as something shameful. Famous people like normal people should have their right to enjoy themselves without being judged wrongly for it. Everyone was born nude, perceiving nudity as shameful is not only stupid but also unnecessary.  The same goes for sex, regardless of sexual orientation someone fucking should not be bad at all, after all they are just enjoying themselves. Many countries in Europe don't have that useless guilt sexual approach to sex as some North Americans do.

quiero ver lo de adelante

I'd rather see what he's got up front! Supposedly he's packing pretty good...

there she is, trying to poke her finger in his butt.  Barking up the wrong tree, sister.

I don't think this is the first time we've seen Tom's bum-bum.

Tom and his friends seem to love posting selfies and all kinds of snapshots, often playing games with the media, perhaps the best example being the shots with Tom and DLB where they are out on the town but mum on their relationship. It's great for notoriety, but does it make us think of serious minded Olympic athlete? He probably needs better PR folks.

Career booster or harmful, he does have a cute butt covered and not.

Harmful!!! Seriously??? A good role model for Gay Youth??? 

Didn't he used to lose his trucks we've diving sometimes and end up showing his cleavage?

I really don't see that tan line on Tom!

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