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'Newsweek' Lists Top Twelve Most Homophobic Nations


Newsweek listed the Top Twelve Most Homophobic Nations and while we're not sure the results are "scientific" they certainly provoke discussion. 

1) Nigeria

2) Uganda

3) Zimbabwe

4) Saudi Arabia

5) India

6) Honduras

7) Jamaica

8) Senegal

9) Afghanistan

10) Iran

11) Lithuania

12) Sudan

And bubbling under:

The United States

You'll notice that Russia is conspicuously absent from this list--perhaps that's because we  have our own anti-gay laws and sentiments to deal with here at home??

Head over to Newsweek for the full breakdown on the rankings. 

Do you agree with Newsweek's findings??



India above hardcore Islamic Countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Sudan!? What a crap? I am an openly gay man here in India. After 11.12.13 incident (Supreme Court upholding a Victorian law which has implications on LGBT community), tens of thousands of people (LGBT and Allies) came to street to protest.
You can walk the lanes of India holding your boyfriend/girlfriend's hand. Just dont kiss - heterosexuals cant either. You can drag on streets, and if you are an Indian or Indian-like chances are no one gives a f**k. If you are a foreigner they may look at you, for being a weird foreigner. Homophobia in India is not the same as else where. It's purely and just ignorance. At least for now.
Post 11-12-13 incident, our protests may have attracted the attention of the World, but seems like not much good has come of it. What's the point if people cannot understand/dont care for the truth and facts?

How did Russia not make the list. Don't think this can b to accurate if Russia is not on it

While Russia is clearly homophobic, is not as homophobic as these countries.  In the countries listed here, simply being gay is a crime.  In Russia, it's a crime to publicly promote homosexuality, but being gay itself is not a crime.

If this were a longer top list, then I'm sure Russia would have been on there.

Religion is the curse of human evolution in every domain, it breeds complacency and fear and requires flat-lining one's brain.

What is ridicukous is that Jamaica is not higher up. India might be homophobic there is rampant homosexuality and the Hisra, but Jamaica still stones gays and warns tourists to stay in gay designated resorts.

Results are not "scientific"? They're from Pew's study linked to in the first paragraph of the Newsweek story. They explain the rationale and why some of the countries you mentioned are missing and where they would be ranked. 

As far as the list, I'm not surprised - and also saddened by how many of these the US has close ties with despite that fact. :/

The report in Newsweek is certainly not scientific.

It makes use of some of the information in the Pew study of attitudes in only 39 countries. Several of the countries mentioned as « most homophobic» were not surveyed.

Never the less all 12 countries are worthy of mention as homophobic - for various reasons and without any attempt to rank them. They are ALL dangerous for members of the LGBT communities!

The Newsweek article speaks of legislation and violence against homosexuals which are not covered in the study. I don't see any way to assess Newsweek classification. It seems subjective.

Even an evaluation of homophobia by legislation would not reveal how the laws are applied. Violence is also highly problematic. For example, Jamaica is a very violent country for heterosexuals as well as homosexuals.

Senegal may be a homophobic society but I recently met a Senegalese whose family supported his emigration to a more tolerant society. I imagine that his parents could easily give « homophobic » responses in a survey in order to ensure his safety and their own.

It seems to me that a mindset of « Take no risks » is still common for same sex oriented individuals all over the world - even in the most tolerant societies.

It is risky to let others know you are different.

Wherever they flourish, bigotry and exacerbated religious beliefs fuel homophobia. Russia should definitely be included in this list (as well as Pakistan, where you <i>dont'</i> want to go on a honeymoon with your husband or boyfriend).

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