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Former Miss Kentucky & Miss America Top 10 Finalist Comes Out Of The Closet

The pageant world is notorious for being slow to accept beauty queens who don't fit squarely under the "heterosexual" label. Homophobia has poured forth from the industry's biggest stars on many occasions, with reactions to Canadian trans queen Jenna Talackova most recently piercing the pop culture bubble. Thankfully, the pageant industry has found its long overdue and much needed gay pioneer from the national stage: former Miss Kentucky 2010 (and previous Miss America Top 10 Finalist) Djuan Trent has come out of the closet. 

In a post published on her personal blog "Life In 27," Trent writes:

For months, I have been contemplating how I would write this post, how I would position it, when would be the right time to post it. Should I make it funny? Should I make it mysterious? Should I make it serious? Should I pick a special date to do it? Should I build some kind of anticipation around it? Hmmm...ain't nobody got time for that. I have written and re-written and deleted and restarted this post more times than I care to share, and after all of that I have finally realized: "There ain't nothin' to it, but to do it." So, here we go folks...

I am queer.

Well, that was easy! But wait- was it really? Sure, it was easy to type up that three word sentence, sure. But that doesn't discount the fact that my armpits are sweating, my mind is racing, and my hands are shaking just a bit. I can't control the sweaty pits, racing mind, and jittery hands, so I'll just keep writing.

I could write about what it was like to come out to my mom for the third and final time at the age of 26 (the first time was when I was in the 4th grade and the second time was in college). I could write about the years I spent praying to a God whom I wanted so badly to serve with all of my heart, but couldn't understand why this God made me "wrong". I could write about all the times that people have asked me if I have a boyfriend and I've purposely chosen to just say "no" with no further explanation. I could write about all the reasons I have been told I shouldn't be gay (that's an interesting list). I could write about all the times I talked about how gross it was when a girl had a crush on me, even though I may have secretly liked her too. I could write about how scared I have felt that I would have to watch friends and family members walk out of my life if I ever decided to come out. I could write about how disappointed I have been in myself for being an open supporter by day, and living it up in the safety of the closet by  night.  I could write books about all of those things...but what has really fueled my passion in writing today, has been this...

Trent goes on to explain that the federal judge's ruling that struck down Kentucky's refusal to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states is what inspired her to come out and tell her story.

Congratulations, Djuan! Your muffin basket and Homosexual Agenda for 2014 are in the post.


Nit pick the hell out of everything people do... SHE came out her OWN way, her choice of words should be the least of our concerns...Where is the support people? We are changing a NATION one person at a time. We are on the cusp of EQUALITY but people like you nay sayers will always have to have something to bitch and moan about. You should be ashamed. IM QUEER! IM GAY! bla bla get over your labels. I came here to look for good news. I will not be back. Will continue my search for a totally positive place to share triumphs and joy.

Personally I would have preferred, "I am a lesbian".

Depending on your age, where you grew up, and probably many other factors, the word "queer" is offensive to a lot of gay folks.   I am 57, grew up in the South, and I am not in favor of using that word to describe my "gayness."   I have talked to many who are not bothered in the slightest by that descriptor.   So, I guess that it is one of those words that will never have universal use in the Gay Community.

Queer or gay same things, Miss Kentucky probably seems that she would had used her voice in an overly enthusiastic way to say I am queer..... Joseph put a sock on it... Im gay and Im not offended by the word queer. 

Shut up Sean!

No need to be PC queer works just fine

Queer is really not a good word to use. I hate when people use that. She should have just said "I am gay"!!

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